That Old Black Magic

That Old Black Magic by Moira Rogers Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: That Old Black Magic by Moira Rogers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Moira Rogers
heard it; the wizard’s car.
“Shit. Owner’s back early.”
    She spun and took off down the hall,
shoving the pistol into the back of her waistband as she moved.
“Great chatting with you. Good luck.”
    A quick glance around the front room
made it plenty clear the magical goodies were stashed somewhere else.
Max kicked the front door shut and took off after her.
    Polly cast him an irritated look
over her shoulder. “You’re not invited to come with me,
you know.” She hit the end of the hallway and shoved open a
door to reveal a utility closet. “Besides, only room for one.
    Magic radiated from the closet,
strong enough that charm he was after could very well be in there. Which meant she wasn’t staying in there by herself.
    Nice excuse, he thought wryly as he ignored her protests and crowded her through
the door.
    Her stammers ceased when her back
hit the edge of an ancient soapstone laundry sink. Instead, she
glared up at him. “You don’t listen to a damn word
anybody ever says, do you, smart guy?” Even as she spoke, she
reached down and tore open the Velcro fastening on one of the many
pockets on her pants.
    Max grabbed her hand before she
could reach into the pocket. “Uh-uh, honey. No surprises.”
    She scoffed a little and arched an
eyebrow. “If you don’t let me get the perimeter down and
activated before he gets inside, we’re both busted.”
    “ Perimeter?” He tugged
the closet door shut with his free hand, but didn’t release
her. “Explain.”
    “ If you’ve been
single-handedly culling my client base, you’re not human. The
wizard will sense you, and then he’ll find you. When he does,
I’m fucked.” Polly moved slowly, his fingers still
wrapped around her wrist, and pulled a silver flask out of her
pocket. “But not if I secure the closet.” At his dubious
look, she rolled her eyes again. “I’m not going to hurt
myself just to hurt you. Let go.”
    It was a rookie mistake, forgetting
a wizard would be able to sense his power the second he crossed the
threshold. Max ground his teeth and jerked his hand from her wrist.
“Fine, set the damn perimeter.”
    She unscrewed the cap from the flask
and squeezed past him. “Try to get as close to the back wall as
you can. He has some spell components stored in those boxes by the
door. I don’t want to risk him missing them and coming to
investigate.” As she spoke, she bent and began splashing a line
of clear liquid on the floor.
    The damn charm he was after had to be in the closet with them, because the sight of her bent over in
front of him shorted out his brain. He forced himself back a step to
keep from grabbing her hips, his client’s words floating
through his head. It
lowers inhibitions. All inhibitions. Anyone within twenty feet will give in to their basest
    His mouth felt dry as his gaze
traced the full swell of her hips and the curve of her ass. His
basest desires were simple enough: take, possess, pleasure. And he
was trapped with her. In a closet. In the sweaty Louisiana bayou.
    Most fucked up job ever.

    Polly gritted her teeth and tried to
pretend she couldn’t feel the weight of Mr. Tall, Dark, and
Snarly’s stare on her ass. Take
a picture, jackass. Even
as the indignant thought formed in her head, her nipples tightened
under the thin black cotton of her shirt. He’d wandered into her job and screwed up her plans. Why did he also have to be hot as hell?
    She wasn’t a short woman, but
he still towered over her, and his dark eyes followed every move she
made as she marked off the back half of the closet. She’d have
to go back to Atlanta for more of the formula soon, but she didn’t
mind. It had been a while since she and Gertie had hung out.
    Polly finished pouring the potion,
careful to leave no gaps in the protective line. “Parsimonious,”
she whispered as she capped the flask.
    Behind her, the man snorted. “That’s
a hell of a magic word.”
    She flashed him her middle finger as

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