The 10/60 Diet: How to Lose 10% of Your Body Weight in 60 Days.

The 10/60 Diet: How to Lose 10% of Your Body Weight in 60 Days. by Phil Torcivia Read Free Book Online

Book: The 10/60 Diet: How to Lose 10% of Your Body Weight in 60 Days. by Phil Torcivia Read Free Book Online
Authors: Phil Torcivia
The 10/60 Diet

    I finally found a diet that works. Here’s the best part: I trimmed the fat from the average dieter’s handbook and found I can tell you all you need to know in under 20 pages . Amazing, huh? I understand if you’re skeptical. Read on.

    First, you need to know my qualifications. I’m just shy of 50 years old and six feet tall. I am not a doctor, dietician, or nutritionist. I never struggled considerably with my weight, but I have been occasionally overweight. Here’s my qualification (I am confident that it’s the most important one): I tried this diet for sixty days (January 28, 2011 to March 28, 2011) and went from 194 lbs. to 172 lbs. I didn’t starve myself. I didn’t do any extreme workouts and, in fact, didn’t change my normal gym routines. I didn’t take any drugs or fancy supplements other than over-the-counter vitamins.

    I lost weight by changing what I ate.

    I don’t care how old you are, what gender you are, and how overweight you are. If you change what you eat—following the guidelines below— you will lose weight . How much weight? That depends on how strict and how overweight you are. Without excessive cheating, I predict you’ll lose ten percent of your current weight in sixty days .

    You won’t need to go on some crazy exercise regimen. Naturally, the more you exercise (cardio especially) the more weight you should lose but, honestly, it’s all about the food. This doesn’t imply you should eat right and lie on the couch all night. Stay active!

    Don’t worry; I’m also not about to ask you to become vegan or vegetarian.

    Who do you think is healthier: an obese vegetarian or slim carnivore? I contend the slim carnivore is. Now, I’m not criticizing the vegetarian lifestyle. I admire it. I avoided meat products (except for fish) for ten years. I felt good, but didn’t get thinner. The reason is that I replaced meat with pasta, bread, and rice. Even the whole grain stuff is high-carb and no bueno .

    It’s true what you keep hearing: Refined carbohydrates and sugars make us fat but damn it, they taste so good. What’s a food lover supposed to do?


    For six days a week, worry less about how much you eat and concentrate on what you eat. On the seventh day, eat anything you desire. (OK, not a tub of lard, please.)

    What about fat? I contend that fat from plant sources isn’t bad for you, within reason. Some examples are avocados, almonds, and coconuts. I ate those throughout my diet and had no issues. Animal fat isn’t great, that’s why you want to look for lean choices.

    So, why don’t you give it a shot? You’ll know within one week whether this diet will work for you or not. That’s not much of an investment with a potentially huge (weight loss) return (to health).

    Before you get started, I want you to do four things.

·  Buy a digital scale. You’ll be weighing yourself daily right after you awaken, before breakfast. Why digital? Because, it’s more accurate and you can’t cheat. Make sure you have your scale on a flat, solid surface. Write the date and your weight on a notepad. You’ll refer to this later.

·  Sign up for or something similar. (There’s an iPhone app too.) At minimum, use this site to track your daily weight. Doing so will remind and encourage you. If you also enter your daily food intake, you’ll get some great insight as to what you’re eating and how you’re progressing. I found it difficult to remember everything I ate and drank, so I approximated. It was interesting to see how many calories were coming from each meal and item.

·  Take a daily multivitamin. Chances are most of the ingredients will be peed away, but if you’re low in anything, the vitamins will fill the gap and make you healthier. Since I’m recommending you lay off fruit during the week, it’s a good idea to take a vitamin C supplement as well.

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