The Awakening

The Awakening by Amileigh D'Lecoire Read Free Book Online

Book: The Awakening by Amileigh D'Lecoire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amileigh D'Lecoire
love.  How to find peace both inside myself and the world around me.  How could any child of yours not nourish the same, for you are the very definition of love?”  Penelope smiled as she spoke, a look so completely simple and innocent in its devotion , and Elvanya’s heart swelled at the love she saw there.
                  “You were so haunted when you came to me,” she whispered, and she gently cupped Penelope’s face.  “So misused by the world.  And look at you now.”  Her hand trailed low to caress the smoothness of her bare shoulder.  “So beautiful, so strong.  You’re soul is destined to be re-born, Penelope.  I’ve no doubt the Creator has some great purpose yet for you.”
                  Penelope smiled, but her looked was tense and uncertain.  Elvanya reached down and pulled her up to sit on her lap, and the smaller woman giggled as her Mistress kissed her neck and tickled at her waist.
                  “It is far too promising a day to be frowning so,” she cooed as she nuzzled the delicate curve of Penelope’s neck.  She reached up to caress her breast, squeezing and massaging as her fingers teased at the delicate pink tip.  “Surely there is something I can do to put a smile back on your face.”              
                  Penelope laughed again and Elvanya silenced her with a kiss, enjoying the cinnamon and spice taste of her as their tongues danced and caressed against one another.  Penelope sighed and spread her legs, and Elvanya quickly moved her hand from her nipple to probe between moist, swollen lips, loving the honey smooth heat of her as she slid her finger inside.
                  “Oh,” Penelope breathed closing her eyes.  Elvanya bent to reclaim one pink nipple with her lips and was just beginning to tease that most sensitive part of Penelope when she felt the approach of her messenger just outside.  She bid the winged warrior enter – a silent command as their minds joined together - then had her wait as she continued to toy with Penelope.  She stroked and caressed for several moments, until the young girl at last cried out in Elvanya’s arms and clung to her, her body rippling with pleasure as the walls of her channel sucked and squeezed at Elvanya’s fingers.  She held Penelope close to her for several moments while she recovered, then kissed her softly on the lips and pushed her gently away.
                  “Go and bathe, Penelope, then dress and join me in the Gardens.  I see that Chante needs to have a word with me.”
                  From the doorway the tall, lanky woman with slanted eyes and exotic good looks smiled and nodded, not the least bit bothered by what she had just watched.  It was something as natural as breathing here, and all that she felt was a bit of regret that she had not been invited to join them.
                  “As you wish,” Penelope said, her face flushed and hair now slightly tussled .  She gave her mistress one last, lazy smile, bent to kiss her hand and then disappeared through a massive door that led to the bathing hall beyond.
                  “You have good news,” Elvanya said with a smile as she stood and went to pour tea for them both.  A large silver service set waited always just to one side, the water always perfectly hot, the tea leaves always fresh and sweet.  Chante came to stand beside her and accepted the porcelain cup with a nod, enjoying the long-standing familiarity the two of them shared.  Chante had served as the head of her guard for many centuries now.  Not that Elvanya needing much guarding.  But there were those times when – for reasons of His own – the Creator would cut Himself off from her, and at those times the dark Gods always lurked close, hungry always for a taste of their Creator’s mistress, even at the forfeit of their worthless

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