The Best Man

The Best Man by Adriana Kraft Read Free Book Online

Book: The Best Man by Adriana Kraft Read Free Book Online
Authors: Adriana Kraft
never been tongue fucked before. He pawed her ass. A
finger tapped on her anus and she flailed in his arms, losing track of
everything but her shattering. She shuddered and gulped for air.
    Jared slid off her pussy and brought
her foot back to the floor. He stood and pressed his wet lips against her
    Kitty tasted herself. Wrapping her
arms around his neck, she broke away from the kiss and whispered, “That answers that question.”
    “What question is that?” he muttered
against her cheek.
    She curled her fingers around his
erection and rubbed its head along the crease his tongue had so recently
visited. “Uhm. I’d worried that a man who obviously spends so much time
grooming his mustache might not want to get it wet with a woman’s juices.”
    His laugh came immediately and deep.
“I’m pleased we were able to dispel that worry.” He lifted her chin. “But I’m
afraid I’m completely out of patience. Kitty, I need to be in you.” He reached
in his pocket for a condom.
    “I hoped that might be the case.” She
turned away from him to face the entryway door, leaned over, and braced her
palms against the door. Looking over her shoulder and wiggling her butt, she
asked, “See anything that might work for you?”
    “Christ, you have a luscious ass,”
Jared said, coming up behind her.
    She felt his cock tap against her
butt. His hands parted her buttocks wide and his shaft slid down her crease. When
it paused briefly near her anus, Jared leaned over and whispered, “Another
     She tossed her head back. “I hope
you’re a man who keeps his promises.”
    “Oh, I do that,” he murmured,
parting her lips with one hand and guiding his cock head to her slit.
    She gasped as it sought entry. He
reached around to massage her labia, helping her widen to take him in. She
struggled for enough air. She felt him sliding in, inching his way along her
tight sleeve.
    She chewed on her lower lip until at
last his hips nestled against her ass. He was in. She had all of him.
    “Damn, you are so hot and tight.”
    She propped herself up on one hand
and reached underneath to cup his balls with the other. “I’ll bet these guys
are still holding onto my reward.”
    She quickly braced herself against
the door with both hands. “What are you waiting for?”
    “Not a damn thing,” he growled,
sliding his hands up under the yellow top she still wore until each hand cupped
a breast.
    She let out a small gasp. Like her,
he still wore his shirt. She had started on it, but had never gotten it off
him. There hadn’t been time. He pulled almost all the way out of her. She
gulped. There wasn’t time for much at the moment but accepting his cock and
what it had to offer.
    He plunged back into her. Finesse,
if it had ever crossed his mind or hers since they’d entered the house, was
definitely gone. This was now a race to the finish.
    Silently, he drove in and out of
her. His tempo quickened.
    Her thighs burned with anticipation.
She felt him expand inside of her.
    “Damn,” he groaned.
    “Go for it. Fill me.”
    He pinched her nipples. “Come with
me,” he demanded.
    He might as well have had a direct
track to her climax. She closed her eyes and opened them quickly. It was rising
from her toes. She pounded the door with a fist when it reached the back of her
knees. “Yes, yes, yes,” she cried out, keeping time with his thrusts and her
fist on the door.
    She felt him jerking deep inside
before he howled. He dropped his hands from her breasts and steadied himself on
her hips but didn’t stop pummeling her.
    She never knew when he stopped. She’d
lost track of him as her own internal explosion threatened to dismantle her
cell by cell. She struggled for breath.
    At some point Kitty became dimly
aware Jared was no longer buried in her, but was gingerly helping her to the
floor. For long moments they lay side by side on the carpeted entry way gasping
for breath. Her eyes fluttered open and closed.
    She smiled as he

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