The Billionaire's Step - Complete Series (Forbidden Billionaire Stepbrother Romance)

The Billionaire's Step - Complete Series (Forbidden Billionaire Stepbrother Romance) by Michaela Adams Read Free Book Online

Book: The Billionaire's Step - Complete Series (Forbidden Billionaire Stepbrother Romance) by Michaela Adams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michaela Adams
confirming times and writing emails while also taking careful notes. There were literally no moments of privacy between them. If they weren’t in a meeting, they were rushing off towards one with both of them on the phone dealing with their own set of responsibilities.
                  Every time Julian’s aloof and distant gaze fell upon her, she felt miserable inside. Clearly whatever intimacy Julian shared with Trisha, he would not be sharing with her. She had so envied not only Trisha’s respectable load of responsibilities but also her closeness with her employer. Cora had secretly hoped the day that she would be such an assistant was not far off.
                  But with every clipped word and dispassionate gaze, Cora realized that whatever chances there had been were now completely gone.
                  By about four o’clock, Cora found herself at another office building in Paris. This one was much more sleek with cool neutral colors and lots of metal accents. It wasn’t quite Cora’s style but she appreciated its modernity. They were there for Julian to meet with Francois Budoin, the fashion conglomerate of Europe. He owned nearly every luxury brand available. Francois was a very private man and preferred small, private meetings. So after a quick round of introductions, Julian entered Francois’s office alone, leaving Cora to explore the roomy executive floor.
                  After spending most of the day running around in heels, Cora just wanted a comfy chair to relax in. But looking around, all the seats were an odd assortment of metal benches or stools that looked more uncomfortable than standing in heels. So with no other choice but to walk around, Cora sighed and walked.
                  As she casually strolled, enjoying the short respite from incessant calls and voices, a flash of color caught the corner of her eyes. And it only caught her attention because of all the cool grayness in the building. Cora turned and gasped. It was a beautifully vibrant painting of blue irises. Set against a saturated yellow background, the thick blue and purple paint strokes shaped the delicate petals. The colors were almost loud yet the wilting flowers looked so gentle and limp. The colors were so vivid, the painting almost seemed to glow within the cold and gray office.
                  Cora almost wanted to grab the flowers and inhale their scent. She wanted to rub each thickly painted petal. The heaviness of the paint against the delicate nature of its subject made Cora feel an oddly sad juxtaposition as she gazed upon the painting. Next to the painting was a small metal plaque reading, “ Irises, Vincent Van Gogh 1890.”
                  “Ah, your assistant has good taste, I see!” an accented voice boomed from the left of her.
                  Cora quickly spun around on her heel. Julian and Francois were exiting his office. The older French man beamed at Cora as he gestured towards the painting. “Does the mademoiselle have a liking for Van Gogh?” he asked, his voice warm and rich.
                  Cora blushed and shook her head. “I just appreciate how beautiful it is,” she murmured quietly. She peeked up through her lashes at Julian. He gave her a quizzical look. He must think me ignorant and foolish , Cora thought miserably. Quickly, she stepped away from the painting and bid Francois goodbye.
                  As they got back into the car, Julian instructed the driver back to the hotel. “I’ll need to change for dinner. And you can take a rest,” Julian said, not looking up from his phone as he checked his messages. The dinner tonight was primarily a meeting dressed up with exquisite food. But it was a meeting nonetheless and Cora wouldn’t be needed for it. “But be ready by eight to go out again.”
                  Cora was confused. “There’s nothing scheduled

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