The Billionaire’s Valiant Rescue

The Billionaire’s Valiant Rescue by Nic Saint Read Free Book Online

Book: The Billionaire’s Valiant Rescue by Nic Saint Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nic Saint
explored each other deeply, drinking the other in and enjoying every moment.
    He licked a trace across her lips, and when she suckled his lower lip, then nibbled it lightly, he bucked his hips against hers, feeling the telltale signs of his arousal awakening in his groin.
    It didn’t matter that she was in his care. All that mattered was that she was here, and so was he, and he wanted her and she wanted him. That was all the reason he needed to break his sacred oath.
    He bucked his hips harder now, and threw her off balance. Landing on the floor next to him, he moved over her, darting kisses across her face, her neck and the hollow of her throat until the sighs and moans she emitted could no longer be ignored.
    He placed his hands on her breasts and when she arched her back, he moved his growing bulge against her hip, pushing in.
    “Oh, yes, Jack. Don’t stop,” she pleaded.
    He plundered her mouth, licking his way deeply into her, and she drank him eagerly—voraciously.
    Grasping her breasts, he kneaded them under his fingers, and was just about to pop the top button on her shirt, when a soft cough sounded in his rear and broke the spell.
    They both looked up in alarm, only now realizing they’d been making out in front of the busted-up front door.
    A liveried young man stood framed in the doorway, staring down at them, wide-eyed. He was holding a tray in both hands and seemed at a loss as to the proper code of etiquette in this type of situation. Hotel school had clearly never prepared him for this.
    He cleared his throat. “Excuse me, sir. Your breakfast, sir. Thank you, sir.”
    Jack’s answer was a single bark. Rufus, who still hadn’t had his morning walk due to all the excitement and confusion, seemed to recognize in the young man a dog walker sent from heaven.
    The Carlton man raised a single eyebrow at the prancing pup. “Indeed, sir. As you say.”

Chapter 11

    As Melanie and Jack sat enjoying their breakfast, they kept darting surreptitious glances at one another. Not a word was spoken as they savored the freshly squeezed orange juice, the hard-boiled eggs and dribbled maple syrup and liquid honey on their warm pancakes.
    “I, erm, feel an apology is in order,” Jack finally said.
    Melanie was surprised. An apology? “What do you mean?”
    “I should never have jumped you like that. It wasn’t... appropriate.”
    She couldn’t help but elicit a tinkling laugh at that. “Appropriate? Come on, Jack. This is not the nineteenth century and we’re not living in Victorian England. I enjoyed you jumping my bones.” She wagged a fork at him. “And it was my distinct impression you enjoyed it too.”
    He gave her one of his half-smiles. “I confess. I did enjoy our little... tryst.”
    “Not as much as Rudolph did.”
    Before the room service man had left, he’d divulged his name, expressing the hope ‘Mr and Mrs Carter would enjoy their breakfast and the continuation of their... frivolities.’
    “Tryst. Frivolities. Where I come from we call things by their real name.” She leaned in. “Sex.”
    He smiled. “Ah? So that’s what it’s called, huh? I’ve always wondered.” Then he cocked his head. “And how do you know that’s what it’s called ‘where you come from’? To my recollection you don’t know where you’re from, my dear.”
    She buttered another piece of toast. “Why, Paris, of course. Didn’t you listen to a word Bill Rattner said? My name is V and I’m from Paris.”
    Jack frowned. “Myes. I still wonder how he figured that one out. Rattner is usually not the brightest bulb in the bulb shop.”
    “Pure and simple deduction, my dear Watson. Elementary, what?”
    Bill had checked Melanie’s phone records, which, unfortunately, had yielded little result. The phone she carried was a disposable one, and he’d reasoned she must have stolen it from her captors, for the only calls made from it were to yet another disposable phone, all within range of a cell phone tower

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