The Bunker (The Infected Series Book 2)

The Bunker (The Infected Series Book 2) by Justin Gowland Read Free Book Online

Book: The Bunker (The Infected Series Book 2) by Justin Gowland Read Free Book Online
Authors: Justin Gowland
    Looking up at him I said “I kicked Tracy out. I know you wanted to wait for her to get better before we did anything, but I had a feeling that if we did that we might have had more trouble.”
    “I know what you did. I watched the logs this morning whilst you were drooling in the library. I have to say thank you, I don’t know if I would have had the strength to do it yesterday. I also watched what you did to rescue me and I have to say, I have never judged a person so badly and again I'm sorry for that as well.”
    “What do you mean judged me wrong?” I asked my curiosity peaked.
    Another sigh “Well Jay and I had talked about you when we first met and we both agreed that you wouldn’t last long. I’m glad I was wrong and I’m also glad to call you a true friend.” He finished by sticking his huge hand across the table at me, which I grasped.
    We both went back to eating our fatty breakfast and drinking coffee.
    “When Tracy asked you what we were going to do with the bunker you didn’t answer her, why?” He asked pushing his plate away from him.
    “To tell you the truth, I had a few ideas but I wanted you on the mend before I made any decision.”
    “On the mend, eh? Well I suppose it did look like I was fucked up. So come on I go by your lead.”
    “You can fuck off with that, going by my lead shit. We make the decisions together and that way neither of us has any power over the other. As to my ideas, well the first is to use the communications room and see if anyone is broadcasting and the other is to maybe start looking for survivors we can live with and trust.” I said looking across at him.
    “Fair enough.”
    “That’s it? Fair enough is all you have to say. What about any ideas you have?”
    “Sorry to say it but I didn’t have any idea what to do.” He said grinning.
    Looking at him grinning at me I was sure he had cornered me into taking the lead in making decisions, but I wasn’t certain.
    Taking the plates, mugs and cutlery to the sink in the kitchen I said “If we are going to contact people using the comms room we are going to have to learn how to use the radios.”
    Chris came and stood at the doorway as I scraped the plates clean.
    “You don’t have to worry about the radios. I already know how to work them.” He said.
    “Ok so that’s one worry off our shoulders.” I said.
    He just nodded and wandered off out of the dining room. I finished cleaning the plates and placed them on the drainer to air dry. I grabbed one more mug of coffee and headed out for the comms room thinking that I would find Chris there. Opening the door to the room I saw Chris with a large set of headphones on and his feet on the desk. He had his eyes closed and I could just about hear the static coming from the headphones. He opened his eyes and saw me in the doorway and gestured to the second set of headphones hanging on a hook near the desk. I shook my head, there was no way I was giving the little shit in my head anymore excuse to bash my brain into pulp this morning. Chris just shook his head and smiled.
    I walked across the hallway and went into the security room and flicked through the cameras. The only movement I saw was a single infected staggering passed the gate leading to the bunker. He kept on going and was soon out of shot. Maybe Chris was right and the other infected we put down the other night had followed the A.P.C. Drinking the last dregs of the coffee put the cup down and headed back to the comms room. This time Chris had his feet on the floor and was writing something on a pad of paper.
    He lifted the headphones off his head “MARC!” he shouted.
    “YES!” I shouted back laughing.
    “Ha-ha funny fucker. Looks like your idea has paid off.” He said.
    “Which one?”
    “Well both actually. I was listening to the C.B bands we have in the U.K and there was someone nearby asking for help. It seems they got surrounded and their food is starting to run out.”
    “Did you

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