The Candidate

The Candidate by Juliet Francis Read Free Book Online

Book: The Candidate by Juliet Francis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Juliet Francis
Coming here as if you have some right, some invitation to do so. And laying that shit on me after so long. You haven’t got a clue. Not a fucking clue. Just go, Mac. Leave.’
    Behind them, Miles moved in. ‘Did you hear her, mate? Just fuck off. You’re not wanted.’
    ‘Ginny …’ Mac started.
    ‘No,’ she said, backing away. ‘I don’t want you here.’ And, turning, she walked back to where Miles was waiting for her.

    Chapter 3
    Not her finest hour … Ginny grimaced at the memory as she walked up the stairs to her office. Not at all.
    ‘How did it go?’ Ange asked as she came in.
    ‘So-so. They’re so bloody cagey I couldn’t tell. Hopefully, they’ll decide sooner rather than later. Are you around for much longer?’
    ‘No — I was going to take off pretty soon, if that’s okay?’
    ‘No worries. I’m interviewing all afternoon.’
    Ange screwed up her face. ‘Glad it’s you and not me. See you tomorrow.’
    Ginny laughed to herself as Ange left. The woman was a magician at getting through the work thrown at her, but she flatly refused to get more involved with clients or candidates beyond phone calls and emails, or the occasional meet-and-greet.
    Ginny fired off an email to Robert thanking him for the opportunity to pitch for his business, then she prepped for the interviews that afternoon. Finishing that, she twirled on her chair, tapped her nails on her desk, and checked her watch. She had a bit of time before her candidate was due to arrive.
    Opening her Internet browser, Ginny logged on to Facebook and navigated to Mac’s page. She scanned the posts but there was nothing new. His profile photo was an old one of him grinning his head off and it always made her smile. Logging out, she went to the New Zealand Herald website. If she had some time on her hands, then a quick review of the business section was always sensible for an up-and-coming entrepreneur like herself.
    Ginny had been floored when she finally found out what Mac had been up to — and it was Jen MacNamara she had to thank for it.
    The days after the funeral were a blur for Ginny. Her father’s burial and the shock of seeing Mac again had left her stunned. If only he’d called first, she might not have reacted so aggressively. She could have revelled in the relief of his company, rather than attacking him for being unable to provide it for longer. Regardless, it didn’t take her long to acknowledge to herself that her behaviour had been unforgivable. She needed to apologise, to make things right between them. He was too important to let go of.
    Anxious, yet determined to catch him before he left again, she’d driven over to St Mary’s Bay where his dad and Jen lived. She couldn’t think where else he’d be staying in Auckland and, anyway, they could tell her how to get hold of him if he wasn’t.
    Jen MacNamara had met Ginny a few times but she barely recognised her. With dull lank hair, pale face and dark rings under her eyes, the young woman at the front door was a far cry from the vivacious, self-assured person she remembered.
    ‘Ginny,’ she managed to say. ‘How lovely to see you. Come on in.’ She led her to the large living area at the back of the house and smiled when she heard Ginny’s intake of breath.
    ‘Yes.’ Jen followed Ginny’s gaze out over the water through the large sliding doors that ran the width of the room. ‘We love the view, too. It sealed the deal for Andrew as soon as he saw it.’ She indicated a horseshoe of couches. ‘I was just about to pop the jug on for a cuppa, if you’ll join me?’
    ‘That would be lovely, thank you.’
    ‘I suppose you’re looking for Mac?’ Jen said when she handed Ginny a cup and settled herself down.
    ‘Is he still here? I mean, in Auckland?’
    ‘I’m afraid not. He got called back earlier than we had hoped. He left yesterday afternoon.’
    ‘Do you know when he’ll be back? I really need to talk to him.’
    ‘We don’t,

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