The Cinderella Hour

The Cinderella Hour by Katherine Stone Read Free Book Online

Book: The Cinderella Hour by Katherine Stone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Katherine Stone
name the people?” Blaine asked. “Has he mentioned
    “No to both.”
    “Has he said anything that indicates he knows who you are or
where you live?”
    “No. That’s good, isn’t it?”
    “Maybe. Is there anything else?”
    “Like what?”
    “Are you being watched? Followed?”
    “No.” Not that I’ve noticed .
    It wasn’t a dazzling reassurance. Like most women, even as
she was paying for groceries, Mira’s mind was on her next errand, or the
next—assuming her mind had accompanied her on her shopping, banking, library, or
post office foray in the first place. It might have remained at the clinic,
preoccupied with an animal in her care.
    Would Dr. Mira Larken have noticed someone watching her? Stalking
    Not a chance.
    “I assume you haven’t notified the police?”
    “No. I haven’t.”
    “You need to,” Blaine said. “This is potentially serious,
Mira. You have to take it seriously. For all you know, he’s making other calls
in Quail Ridge. The more data the police have, the more likely they are to
catch him.”
    “All right. You’re right. I’ll let them know.”
    “May we change the subject?” Vivian asked.
    “Soon,” Blaine promised. “Remember as much as you can about
what he said, Mira, and how he said it. Verbatim, if possible. Write everything
down before showing it to the police.”
    That was said in unison by the sisters.
    “Necessary,” Blaine countered. “His language is like a
    “And?” Mira pressed as the unspoken “and” hung in the air.
    “And,” Blaine said, “his language also provides insight into
any delusions he might be having.”
    “Delusions about me?”
    “Possibly. Yes.”
    “In other words, how dangerous he is.”
    “That’s right.”
    “The police will be able to tell?”
    “They damned well ought to be able to. I’m not sure who’s doing
forensic psychiatry for Quail Ridge PD. Do you know, Vivian?”
    “Not a clue.”
    “If there’s any question, I’d be happy to take a look at what
you prepare. Maybe I should look at it anyway, Mira. If anything he said to you
suggests psychosis to me, I’ll show what you’ve written to the best forensic
psychiatrist I know.”
    “That’s very nice of you, Blaine.”
    “But awkward?”
    “A little. I know it’s silly of me. You’re a professional.
This is what you do. But . . . what he said is really explicit.”
    “I think we could handle it, Mira. But it’s up to you. I’ll
be working at home all day tomorrow. If you change your mind, email me what you’ve
written, and I’ll email you my reply. Okay?”
    “Yes. Thank—”
    Vivian’s gasp silenced Mira’s “you.” She followed Vivian’s
gaze to a brightly lighted billboard.
    WCHM welcomes radio phenomenon Snow Ashley Gable home to Chicago and proudly announces the Monday, October 31 st debut of her award-winning show , The Cinderella Hour . Tune to
AM 777 weeknights from 10 : 00 p.m. to 1 : 00 a.m. and discover what all of Chicago will be raving about. Simulcast at WCHM 777 .com.
    “I can’t believe it.” Vivian’s gasp became a hiss. “How dare she?”
    “How dare who?” Blaine hadn’t seen the billboard.
Saturday-night traffic on the Edens Expressway compelled his eyes to remain
focused on the road.
    “Her name is Snow and she’s apparently got some new show on
WCHM radio.”
    “Which she shouldn’t dare do?”
    “What she shouldn’t dare is show her face in Chicago. Although, come to think of it, the billboard didn’t actually show her face.”
    “You said she’s doing radio.”
    “What else could she do, given her blimp shape and phone-sex
    Blaine glanced at Mira in the rearview mirror. “No wonder you became a veterinarian,
Mira. Little did I realize you had such a catty sister. Do you share Vivi’s
feelings about this Snow?”
    Mira’s feelings about Snow were, like Vivian’s, far from
positive. Luke had loved Snow and she had hurt him deeply. Mira had

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