The Everlasting Chapel

The Everlasting Chapel by Marilyn Cruise Read Free Book Online

Book: The Everlasting Chapel by Marilyn Cruise Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marilyn Cruise
Tags: Romance, Contemporary Romance, steamy romance, new adult, Erotic Romance
entire time,” I say.
    “Well, having gone through all that, I can
understand why,” Spencer says. “You need to get it all out.”
    “Thanks,” I say.
    “I can’t imagine what you must have been
going through. Just listening to you gives me goosebumps.” He
strokes a hand over his muscular forearms.
    I pull out my credit card. “It’s my turn to
pay. Sorry, but I have to get back.”
    “Put your card away. I invited you,” he
    “No, I insist,” I say.
    The waiter comes over and Spencer hands him
his credit card before I have a chance to hand him mine.
    “Fine, you sneaky bastard, but if you don’t
promise to let me pay next time, I’m not coming with you,” I
    “Is that your way of saying you’d like to go
out again?” he asks, giving me an, oh, so charming smile.
    “I suppose it is. I enjoy talking with you.”
Although there is little to no spark between Spencer and me, I
truly enjoy his company. I just wonder if he expects more, and if
so, how much and how soon? “Is that okay?”
    “Is that okay?” He throws his head back and
laughs. “I’d never turn down spending time with a sexy,
intelligent, and amusing woman.”
    He really thinks that about me? I don’t know
what to say in return to that, and not wanting to lead him on, I
just smile. “Well, it has been a pleasure.”
    We exit the restaurant, and Spencer walks me
across the street.
    “Same time tomorrow?” he asks.
    “Sure,” I say.
    He looks me in the eyes, and there’s a
moment of silence as our faces are only about six inches apart.
Then he leans in closer, and for whatever reason, I stiffen. I
don’t want to kiss him. I don’t want him to kiss me. Thankfully, he
doesn’t. Instead, he gives me a hug, his soft cheek against mine,
his cologne filling my nose.
    “See you tomorrow,” he whispers into my
    I pull back. “Tomorrow it is.” Walking
backward a few paces, his gaze drops from my face to my chest to my
abdomen and all the way down to my feet.
    Oh, he is definitely interested. Way more
than I am at this current moment. I need to make it even clearer
that I am not looking for anything right now. Unless we’re both
clear that this would only be a no-strings-attached, sex-only
fling. Damn Anne and her ideas. I swivel around and head to
    * * *
    On my way to job number two, I call Anne
    “Hey, honey,” she says.
    “Hey. Why did you have to suggest I have a
fling with Dr. Jamison to get over Michael?”
    She gasps. “No way! Did you sleep with
    “No! I just…” I produce a growling moan.
    “Spit it out,” she says.
    “Well, it’s a long story. I met him by
chance at the bank, and he asked me out to lunch. Thing is, now
we’re on for lunch like for the rest of the week, and after lunch
today, he gave me the look.”
    “The I-wanna-fuck-you look?”
    “Honey, what do you want?” she asks.
    “What do you mean what do I want?”
    “It’s not a complicated question. Do you
want to get laid, or what?”
    “No!” Yes.
    “Then don’t do it.” She pauses, and then
says, “Wait, is this about Michael?”
    “Well you know I’m still not over him.” I
tell her what he said during lunch and how he thinks we should try
again, but without any of the deals or money involved.
    “He really wants you, doesn’t he?” she
    I inhale and hold my breath. “I just don’t
know if I can trust him again. He completely…” I can’t say the
words as they get caught in my throat.
    “Broke your heart,” she says. “I know. I
should give him a piece of my mind for doing that to you.”
    “No offense, but somehow I don’t think it
will help,” I say.
    “Yeah, you’re probably right. At least you
got your money.”
    “I almost don’t want it anymore,” I say.
“It’s like it’s been tainted by everything that’s happened, and by
Diane. You know, like she’s still controlling me from beyond the
grave.” Thinking about it makes me

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