The Eye of Fire: The Third Gate (Episode 1)

The Eye of Fire: The Third Gate (Episode 1) by Amina Beran Read Free Book Online

Book: The Eye of Fire: The Third Gate (Episode 1) by Amina Beran Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amina Beran
    Episode One: The Third Gate
    Amina Beran
    THE EYE OF FIRE-Episode One:  The Third Gate
    Copyright 2016 by Amina Beran
    All Rights Reserved
    No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, including Internet usage, without written permission from Amina Beran, except in the case of brief quotations.
    In the town of Potts lies a powerful invisible force. This force was made by a reddish hued stone that had come from another dimension, which had been hidden carefully in the ground for thousands of years.  The “Eye of Fire,” had been part of a large stone that was broken into fourteen parts and given to fourteen angels in order to protect and keep safe from the demons, who wanted the power from the stone. Several stones were hidden on earth, and in one place in particular, is the town of Potts. In 1896, when the town of Potts was constructing the railroad, the resting place of the stone was partially unearthed, and the demons came through the gate seeking the stone, However they were unsuccessful in locating it, but the immense evil unleashed on the town of Potts, was let loose in the town. As a result, the Gatekeeper locked down the town of Potts in a spiritual bubble. The inhabitants of the town die but can never leave, however, because of the “spiritual bubble” they are able to go back in time again and again in the flesh, each resident hopes to change the vicious cycle they are caught in and also change the devastating future.
    October 26, 2026
    As they were driving, they passed an old sign with peeling paper on it. It said “Potts population 312.”
                  “So this must be it,” Sam said. He sighed a little, already, he missed the city. The town of Potts looked desolate. “Wait what’s this place?” The road was blocked suddenly by a gate and there was a fence. The fence looked like it continued on and on. There was a police car that was nearby and a little booth that was near the gate. He stepped out of his booth, and shined the light through the window.
    “This is strange honey. I don’t remember this before.” Alicia said.
    “Howdy folks. Can I ask your names?”
    “Sami Boulos, and my wife Alicia Hampton.” Sam said to him.
    The officer shined his light on a clipboard at a list of names. “Can you show your I.D?”
    Sam and Alicia took out their I.D.’s and showed them to the officer.
    “What is all this about officer?” said Sam.
    “This is a checkpoint folks. No one goes through here, unless your name is on this list.”
    “I got your names here. You may go through.”
    The officer waved them through, and Sam continued to drive down the main road into town. Potts had been gated and fenced off to the outside world.
    “Oh honey, can we make a stop here before we go to our place?” Alicia Hampton said to her husband. When she noted the gas station was open. She swept away the loose tendrils of hair that had fallen into her face. Her chestnut hair that had been drawn back into a bun, had become loosened, “Oh, I look like a fright,” said Alicia.
                  “Dear, don’t worry, you look beautiful darling,” He gazed fondly at his wife. They had been married seventeen years already, but his love for her had never tarnished. Sam took her hand and squeezed it gently. “Don’t forget your scarf honey, we are nearly there. I wouldn’t want any man to admire my beautiful flower.”
                  Alicia pulled down

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