The Great Bedroom War

The Great Bedroom War by Laurie Kellogg Read Free Book Online

Book: The Great Bedroom War by Laurie Kellogg Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurie Kellogg
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance
what was left of his hunky butt off. Of course, if the arrogant oaf dared to say a single word about her pudgy tush, she would point out that living with a little extra padding was far preferable to the 190 pounds she’d lost in their divorce.
    First, however, she had to convince herself.

    Ten days later, Nick drove through Bucks County, singing a duet with Rod Stewart and enjoying the riot of autumn colors decorating the rolling countryside. As he entered the scenic borough of New Hope, overlooking the river on the road to Redemption, Chewie bolted upright in the SUV’s back seat almost as if sensing they were nearly home.
    While cruising past the odd mixture of quaint and trendy stores along Main Street, Nick waved to a few familiar locals scattered among the out-of-towners, who, on nice days like this, flocked to the picturesque village only a few miles from where Washington crossed the Delaware. The town had become a mecca for artists and craftsmen.
    Chewie stuck his head between the front seats whimpering. Nick totally sympathized with the animal. They’d been in the car for so many hours the past few days, his knees felt like they’d frozen in the bent position. He scratched the dog’s neck. “I know, pal. Only a little while longer, and you can run.”
    The dog’s tail wagged in approval as he barked at several of the tourists who were eager to escape Manhattan and Philly. Every weekend, sightseers invaded the numerous bed and breakfasts to enjoy the natural beauty of the historic area and its wineries, covered bridges, and antique shops that his neighboring town also boasted.
    Ten minutes later, he heaved a sigh as he stopped for a moment next to the familiar Welcome to Redemption road sign that read —A stone’s throw from New Hope, less than two hours from Paradise . It was a running joke among the residents that to get to Paradise, located in the middle ofa large Amish community in Lancaster County, they might have to go through Intercourse .
    He glanced at the rearview mirror and caught his reflection grinning like a fool. He’d forgotten how much he loved this town.
    A few minutes later, he turned onto their country road. After parking his silver SUV in his driveway, he sat for several minutes studying the house’s paint job he’d shelled out for six months ago. The pale yellow Sam had chosen suited the old Victorian and made the house look homier than ever.
    Except.... He frowned. Where were the pumpkins, mums, and Indian corn Sam always decorated the porch with in the autumn? Apparently, she either hadn’t had the time or the money to do it this year.
    The grass needed cutting, and soon the leaves would be falling. At least he’d have something to do for the next month while waiting to start his new position.
    He opened the vehicle’s rear door and let Chewie out. In the months since adopting the dog, he’d taught his pet to obey numerous verbal commands so he could be trusted off his leash to play fetch in the park.
    The dog bolted to the nearest tree and sniffed it for a nanosecond before christening the trunk. Afterward, he raced around the front yard several times, pulling Nick’s attention to a stately English Tudor that had sprung up in the adjacent meadow where Sam and Dani had enjoyed picking wildflowers for the last seven years. Samantha had mentioned the construction next door, but he never dreamed the house—or rather, the mansion—had already been completed.
    The dog followed him onto the porch to the front door. “Ahh, shit!” Nick winced, remembering his key no longer fit. “I forgot about the new locks.” He petted the dog’s head. “I’m sorry, pal. It looks like you’ll be stuck in the SUV a little longer.”
    Chewie’s stance widened as he woofed twice in his Stranger - Danger, please protect me , bark.
    “Riverá? What the hell are you doing here?” Keith Hanson, his neighbor to the left, strolled up behind him on the porch and slapped him

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