The Guardian Mist

The Guardian Mist by Susan Stoker Read Free Book Online

Book: The Guardian Mist by Susan Stoker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Stoker
true love. Even favoring one twin over the other.
    “See you tomorrow, Mom.”
    Cassia nodded absently, already back to thinking about the party the next day, and Rin headed out the door of her mom’s house and to her car. She hadn’t seen Tina; she was most likely at the spa being pampered before her big night.
    Rin had worked eight hours that day and had another full day tomorrow. She was going in early to make sure she could finish the project she was working on before her party. Typically, Friday’s were slow, so that would make getting the work done easier.
    She was proud of how far she’d come since graduating high school. She’d earned her undergraduate degree in computer science and had lucked into a job at the same firm she’d interned with. She now worked in the IT department, improving the company’s software and trying to come up with new and better reports for the employees. It wasn’t glamorous, but Rin herself was anything but glamorous. The job fit her perfectly.
    Whatever the outcome of the ring, whether by some miracle Tina met her true love tomorrow, or in the next couple of weeks before the actual date of their twenty-fifth birthday, Rin would soon be taking the first step toward the rest of her life…and she couldn’t wait.

    R in sat at the back of the room and watched as Tina and her mom made the rounds to the different tables during dinner. Tina looked beautiful. Her auburn hair had been styled professionally and hung around her face in fat auburn curls that looked perfect. Her makeup was elegant and the dress she was wearing would put the famous Hollywood actresses on Oscar night to shame. It was an emerald green that complemented her hair perfectly and hugged her slender curves, somehow leaving nothing and everything to the imagination at the same time.
    Of course, Rin had the same color hair, but it was cut short and, as usual, wouldn’t behave, no matter what Rin did to it. When she wanted it to lie flat, it bounced up in curls; when she wanted it to be curly, it refused to cooperate. But she preferred her short hair. It stayed out of her face and eyes when she worked, and it was super easy to deal with when she worked out.
    Rin could’ve borrowed something to wear from her sister, they were exactly the same size after all, but she wasn’t sure Tina would loan her anything. Secondly, Rin was happy in her dress slacks and cashmere sweater. She’d gotten the latter for a steal last year and it was one of her favorite things to wear. It was a light yellow color and was as soft against her skin as it looked. She might not be as classically beautiful as her sister, but Rin was pleased with how she looked. And besides that, she was herself. A cocktail dress just wasn’t something she was comfortable in.
    The ballroom was beautiful; Cassia had outdone herself for the party. The woman might not win Mother of the Year, but she had an eye for decorating. There were small twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling and the green and gray color scheme really worked well in the large room. The tablecloths were gray, and the flowers on each table were white, gray and liberally stuffed with green. All-in-all, it was a lovely party, and Tina was in her element.
    Rin truly was happy for her sister. She looked like she was enjoying herself, even with the curse hanging over her head, and that was the most important thing. She’d never wish Tina ill. Ever.
    Cassia gestured to Rin, and she stood and headed over to her mother.
    “Varinia, can you please go to the lobby and see if you can’t find the night manager? I’d like the wait staff to clear the tables a bit faster. Oh, and maybe see if they can get another bartender? The line is a tad bit too long.”
    Rin sighed and nodded. She’d been doing odd jobs for her mom all night. She assumed it was a ploy to get her out of the room, but in the end, she didn’t really mind. Standing around watching Tina flirt wasn’t exactly her idea of a good

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