The Harem

The Harem by Paul Preston Read Free Book Online

Book: The Harem by Paul Preston Read Free Book Online
Authors: Paul Preston
Tags: Erótica
him. He would put no emotional demands upon them as well.
    The whole idea seemed a rather shallow arrangement to me. Why in the world would a person give the most precious and sacred part of themselves to another person, if not to increase the emotional and spiritual bonds between them? I know I am literally a virgin in these matters, but I don’t see how you can separate the spirit from the flesh in the act of love, since they’re two sides of the same coin, aren’t they?
    Jeremy ended up giving me his card and inviting me to his home on Friday at 9PM. He let me know that other women might be there too, so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable if I did decide to accept his invitation. He told me I could come and just hang out at his house if I wanted. If I’d prefer to only be friends and keep the relationship strictly platonic, that would be alright with him. He needed a friend like me, he said. There would be no pressure on me whatsoever to become intimate with him. Jeremy did make every effort to win my trust at our initial meeting.
    Then the most delightful thing happened. Taking me by complete surprise, he reached across the table and tenderly took my hands in his and spoke to me in a most heartfelt manner. His hands were so warm, almost alive with heat. My fingers rested in his palms and my fingertips touched the inside of his wrists. As he spoke in this deep, melodious voice, I could feel the pulse of his heart through the thick blue veins on his wrists. His veins looked… pretty to me. I could almost see the blood coursing through the vessels, winding under his cuffs and disappearing into the dark tunnel of his starched white shirt sleeves.
    “Evelyn, I really appreciate you allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I want you to know, even if you don’t come on Friday, you’re always invited to my house, any time, to talk. Just call me or text me. I’ve written my personal cell phone number on my card. I want to tell you, I’ve really enjoyed meeting you today, Evelyn. You’re an exceptionally beautiful woman with a really sweet and feminine disposition. You really are an extraordinarily attractive woman. Do you know that?”
    I blushed and looked downward.
    “No, Jeremy. I’m not.”
    “But you are, Evelyn! You are! How could you not know that? Just look in the mirror, if you want proof. You’re so beautiful and sexy. Maybe it’s not such a good idea for you to come to my home, after all. I’m afraid I might develop an unhealthy attachment to you, which would be diametrically opposed to my exploration of this alternative lifestyle. As a matter of fact, I think it’s too late. I’m already attached to you. How could I not be, Evelyn? Look at you. Why hasn’t some guy come along, thrown you over his shoulder and run off with you? Oh my God, Evelyn. You’re so cute and sexy and loveable, I just want to squeeze you as hard as I can, hopefully without bruising you, and never, ever let you go…”
    I wanted to cry, what he said to me was so beautiful. No one had ever said anything sweet to me like that before in my life. Without my ability to stop it, my eyes filled with tears and dripped down my cheeks. He politely handed me his handkerchief. I dried my eyes and smiled. At that moment I felt compelled to tell Jeremy my most secret shame, my most hidden truth.
    “Jeremy… I’m a virgin.”
    “Oh, is that all? Evelyn, believe me, you have nothing to worry about in that department. When the time comes, whichever lucky soul you allow to become close to you will find a treasure in you beyond their wildest dreams. Now, stop crying before I get down on my knees in the middle of Starbucks and ask for your hand in marriage myself!”
    I smiled through my tears at his joke and stopped crying. Jeremy took his handkerchief and patted my cheeks with it. Being a virgin at age 27 didn’t seem all that troubling or embarrassing any more, after what Jeremy said to me.
    “You’re sweet person, Jeremy,” I said.

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