The Horror Squad 2

The Horror Squad 2 by TJ Weeks Read Free Book Online

Book: The Horror Squad 2 by TJ Weeks Read Free Book Online
Authors: TJ Weeks

was almost the deal breaker. He loved the
feeling of it and he was so close to filling her
full of his juice. She brought her hand up to his
face and stuck her middle finger in his mouth
so he could taste the sweetness.
“Here I go again baby, are you ready?” She
asked him.
    Steven threw his head back, his body arched
and tensed up again trying to prevent himself
from blowing. She leaned her head down and
let her hair fall over his shoulder, the softness
of her chest hit his and she came again. Steven
grabbed her hair and pulled just enough to
make her have to strain to pull her head back
down, which in turn made her pussy tighten just
enough around him and he couldn’t hold back.
He was done for and let himself go inside of
her. He pulled harder on her hair as she pumped
her hips up and down faster and harder. The
sound of their skin hitting each other made
Steven pull harder. The last bit came out into
her and he pulled her head back to be able to
watch her face as he thrust his hips upward hard
into her. Her head came up to meet his as he
lifted her knees up off of the bed with his body
to get as deep as he could. He quickly let his
body down as he opened his eyes; she was
coming back down towards him with her mouth
wide open toward his face. Steven pulled the
back of her head hard and put his other hand on
her shoulder.
    Her eyes were sunk into her head and
wrinkles crossed her forehead, her skin was a
dark brown color and her hair felt greasy. His
hand slid out of her hair, but not without
catching some tangles through what now felt
like a rat’s nest instead of the softness he had
just felt. She looked as though she had been
starved and he could see her cheekbones almost
poking through her skin. Her skin sunk in at her
collar bone and her tits were definitely no
longer the firm double d’s he had just ran his
hands over. They sagged down and her nipples
were nonexistent.
    He placed his other hand, once untangled
from her hair, on her other shoulder and pushed
her up and away from her face. She still pushed
forward and chomped her brown looking teeth
towards him catching only air. As she tried to
move in to get a bite, he realized he was still
inside her. It was no longer tight as he had just
felt, but just drooped around his dick. He threw
his ass down into the bed trying to get out of
her and get her off of him. He knew that if he
let go of her shoulders she would have the bite
that she was lusting for, but he wanted his dick
out of this rotter. He had lost a bit of strength
after cumming, but was gaining it back quickly
with each lunge she made toward him to take a
bite. He brought her down towards him about
an inch and pushed as hard as he could
    Steven sprang forward from his bed while
being drenched from head to toe. He brushed
his hands over his eyes trying to catch some
reality and got up and made his way to the
shower to wash the thoughts of this nightmare

I WOKEup to the sound of the backhoe
    squeaking in the distance and the sun fully in
my face. I stretched out and looked around to
see my family was gone and I was all alone
except a letter my wife had left on the bed.
“My love,
    We left out to the cafeteria to grab some
breakfast and left you to sleep since you
strongly needed it. If you awake before I return,
join us, if not, I’ll bring you breakfast in bed.
Yours truly,
    I smiled and tucked the letter into the pocket
of my blue jeans that I was about to put on and
pulled them over my ghostly white legs. I had
to get up and make motions around the room to
inquire a shirt and socks, but finally landed a
clean pair before putting on my boots and
walking out of the door to join my family.
    I was shocked to see they were eating
pancakes when I walked into the chow hall, it
had been forever since I had eaten any and it
was my favorite breakfast food.
“Hey honey!” Kris called out from her seat.

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