The Hurricane

The Hurricane by Nicole Hart Read Free Book Online

Book: The Hurricane by Nicole Hart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nicole Hart
little shriek of surprise that came out of her was so damn cute.
    “I need to kiss you. Now,” I said softly as I put my hands around the back of her neck, pulling her closer to me.
    “Now?” she whispered with a grin as she swept her lips across mine without making full contact.
    “Right fucking now,” I said and pulled her into me. A quiet moan escaped her lips as our mouths met. Her hands went to my head and she threw my baseball cap onto the couch. The way she ran her fingers through my hair caused my dick to stand at attention.
    “Fuck,” I whispered as I grabbed her ass, and pulled her closer to me. I needed to feel her. I didn’t want to push her, but she felt so good, I needed her closer. Our kisses became more intense as I ran my hand over her breast. I could feel her heat against me, and I thought my dick was going to explode out of my jeans.
    “You feel so good against me,” I whispered into her neck as she started to grind against me. Her quiet whimpers matched her movements. The buzzing of my phone caused her to still and she pulled away slightly, and looked into my eyes.
    “Do you need to get that?” She asked through ragged breaths, running her fingers through her hair.
    “Nope,” I said as I pulled my phone from my pocket, declining the call without giving it a glance. I threw it on the couch beside me and pulled her to me again.
    I kissed her lips and waited for her to open her mouth for me. I slid my tongue inside her mouth, craving the taste of her and wanting more. My phone started buzzing again and I reached next to me, declining it again, without breaking our kiss this time.
    When it started buzzing once again, Natalie broke away from me. She was so fucking beautiful. Her hair was a little wild from my hands, her cheeks were flushed and her lips were swollen and red. Fucking sexy.
    “Maybe it’s important,” she whispered, touching her fingers to her lips. I let out a loud sigh and ran my hands up her bare thighs; her dress had made its way up to her panties. I took one look down and wanted to bury my face there.
    The buzzing of my phone jerked me from my thoughts and pissed me off.
    I looked down at the screen. It was Cain. I wanted to decline it again but knew I probably shouldn’t. He never called multiple times in a row. If I didn’t answer, he usually just left a voicemail or sent me a text.
    I nodded my head and kept one hand on her thigh as I picked up my phone with the other.
    “This better be important,” I said into the phone.
    “Did I interrupt something, bro?” he asked, and then it was followed with a deep chuckle.
    “You did. What’s up?” I asked.
    “I take it you’re not alone,” he said.
    “No, what is it? I’m a little busy.”
    “If your cock is buried in someone, I’d rather you take it out so you can concentrate for a minute,” he said, laughing again. My eyes went to Natalie, who was staring above my head, biting her bottom lip, looking sexy as hell, but I could tell she seemed nervous.
    “Is this something that can wait?” I asked, getting irritated.
    “I have a proposition,” he stated. It had something to do with money. I could tell by the change in his tone.
    “I’m gonna call you later, bro,” I said. I wasn’t interested in talking to him now; I wanted to concentrate on Natalie.
    “Momma?” I heard a voice in the distance, followed by the quiet squeak of a door and the swift movement of Natalie launching to her feet.
    “Ryker, this is important!” Cain said sternly.
    “I’ll call you later,” I said, and disconnected the call.
    “Honey, what’s wrong?” Nat said in a sweet voice as she walked towards Brooklyn’s bedroom door. She was standing in her doorway, rubbing her eyes and gripping a teddy bear.
    “I can’t sleep,” she said with one eye open, and her fist in the other.
    “You look like your still sleeping,” Nat giggled, and looked over her shoulder at me, mouthing the word “Sorry.” I shook my head at her and

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