The It Girl

The It Girl by Katy Birchall Read Free Book Online

Book: The It Girl by Katy Birchall Read Free Book Online
Authors: Katy Birchall
scares people. But I’m sure she’s just being nice.
    2. Go to Africa and hand out rice.
    I’ve been lucky in life to have a wonderful family (even if they are annoying a lot of the time) and wonderful friends (even though there are only two of them). Therefore, it is only right that I should give something back to the world. I’m sure they always need people to go to Africa and do good things like hand out rice. Note to self: search for charities online that organize trips to do good things like hand out rice.
    â€œWhat are you writing?”
    I frowned. I could tell that Connor Lawrence had been trying to see what I was writing ever since I got out my pen. He had strolled in late to detention—who is this carefree?!—and sat down next to me without bothering to take his headphones off.
    â€œNice of you to join us, Connor,” Mr. Kenton had sniffed, not looking particularly bothered about it.
    â€œNothing,” I whispered back, trying to cover my notepad.
    â€œLooks like a list.”
    â€œIt’s not a list.”
    â€œI can see it’s a list.”
    â€œFine. It’s a list.”
    â€œWhat is the list of?”
    â€œAre you always this nosy?” I asked, trying not to sound too defensive, but at the same time wanting him to leave me alone. This, after all, was the person who’d escalated Sophie’s annoyance at me about sending Josie into a full-on tantrum for the whole class to witness.
    â€œI’m interested,” he replied, smugly.
    â€œIt’s nothing important.”
    â€œWhat does it say at the top?”
    â€œIt says you’re going to get us in trouble.”
    â€œFunny.” We both looked up at Mr. Kenton. His head was hanging down, and his eyes were closed. A faint snore came from his direction.
    Connor grinned. “I think we’re safe.”
    I gave him an “end of discussion” look and went back to my list.
    3. Find a date for the Beatus dance—the ideal would be Brendan Dakers but clearly, at this point, anyone would be an achievement.
    There will be more chance of this happening if I achieve point 1. Brendan Dakers isn’t going to be interested in someone who is not kind and thoughtful.Also he will probably be impressed by someone with cool skills (see point 5 below to nail this one) and by someone who is not a disaster and talks about interesting things (for example, their recent trip to Africa to hand out rice to those in need).
    4. Meet comic book world GOD, Stan Lee, and inspire a great comic strip about a girl keeping London safe from the threat of evil.
    Should this ever happen I will be content for the rest of my days and never complain about one single thing AGAIN. I promise not to say anything embarrassing to the man who created some of the best characters in the world. Note to self: Does asking him to make me into a comic book superhero count as embarrassing? Confer with Jess.
    5. Learn how to do hip-hop dancing.
    A necessary skill in life. Bound to impress pretty much everyone anywhere. Handy to pull out in an awkward or sad situation to make things better. Your friend just got dumped? Pull out the running man! Lost your homework the day it’s due? Wait asecond, let me pull out the running man! Hate your life? So does everyone! Pull out the running man!
    6. Save someone’s life.
    Preferably on land and not in the sea because I hate seaweed and jellyfish.
    â€œWait, you know who Stan Lee is?”
    I whipped my head up. “Hey!”
    â€œWhat? It’s not like you’re covering it very well.” Connor shrugged. “Go on, let me have a look.”
    â€œI didn’t want you to see,” I complained. “How would you like it if I just leaned over and looked at your work?”
    â€œFeel free.” He slid his notepad along the desk to the edge. “You might actually appreciate it.”
    I glanced at the open page and then pulled it closer to

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