The Key

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Book: The Key by Whitley Strieber Read Free Book Online
Authors: Whitley Strieber
fourth. Your destiny is to enter the humanity of the universe. But you may not fulfill it.
    Are there such things as alien abductions?
    As you grow in fourth mind, you see more.
    Many of these encounters are brutal.
    The kitten is terrified of the veterinarian. To subdue the little creature, violence is unavoidable.
    But the slaughterhouse is also brutal.
    Yours is not the destiny of the steer.
    We aren’t fodder for a higher world?
    I know that you can ask clever questions. Don’t try to play with me, Whitley.
    That’s an even more clever answer—what’s your name, anyway? If I said Michael?
    An archangel in a turtleneck?
    Legion, then?
    I think you’re a perfectly ordinary person with an ordinary mother and an ordinary name.
    I can imagine no greater honor than to be called human.
    Let me go back to the quantum issue, because I see that as something concrete that we can understand. You started by talking of using superposition as a means of communication, then changed to talking about entangled particles. What role does superposition play in higher communication?
    The tiny layer of electrons that lies outside of the skin is an organ in itself just like the eyes or the blood. It is a sensory organ, but not one that operates naturally, except in a few, as I have stated before. Even in them, it cannot be used very effectively without higher consciousness. It is the organ of higher consciousness. You must be able to watch and not watch at the same time. When you learn this, it will stay in superposition even as you take the imagery that it is receiving into your brain and process it.
    You are speaking of opening the third eye?
    The nervous system delivers these impressions to the area of the brain closest to the pineal gland, which is where this organ is centered.
    Can machines be created that “see,” using an artificial version of this organ?
    Machines are already being created that communicate via entangled photons. These machines will be the first that detect the voices of other worlds. It is also possible to create machines that mimic the action of the organ we have been discussing. But these machines must be conscious to work.
    Conscious machines?
    We will return to that later. There is a question lingering in your eyes that you have not asked. Ask it now.
    You mentioned monsters in the world of the dead.
    The acts of life affect the appearance of the dead in every tiny detail. Everything is imprinted upon the soul, often in surprising ways. Most dead appear as innocent children, longing for sensual lives and hoping that a body will be sparked that fits them. Some are aware enough of radiant being to try to ascend, but they always drift back, or if they become lost, are returned to earth.
    By radiant beings?
    This creation of radiant bodies doesn’t sound much like surrender. On the contrary, it is total surrender. The unfocused fragments of lives barely lived do not contribute to the ecstasy of God. God seeks true companions. Ecstasy is not ecstasy unless it is shared.
    Can radiant bodies enter the physical world?
    Radiant beings may be born into elemental bodies if they wish, but these are acts of intention. Or it may be requested that they do it, and they go on life-missions into the elemental world. These can be dangerous missions that cause them to fall from radiance, but also that may greatly increase their ecstasy. So they go on these adventures. It is happening a great deal now, which is why you have so many glorious children among you. In addition to entering the physical by means of being born, some high beings may so perfectly create an image of the physical bodies they once possessed that they can walk the streets.
    Can they have babies?
    This would be an act of God, but certainly it is possible.
    Does it account for the birth of Jesus?
    Jesus said that he was the son of man. Take

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