The Madness of Mercury

The Madness of Mercury by Connie Di Marco Read Free Book Online

Book: The Madness of Mercury by Connie Di Marco Read Free Book Online
Authors: Connie Di Marco
locked the car, and hurried down the alleyway to the front of the store. Cheryl waved as I approached. Her face was flushed. “Julia, some woman just went in asking for you.”
    “Sorry to barge in like this. Can I use one of the private rooms? I’ll explain later.”
    “Sure. Go right ahead.” Cheryl turned back to the two patrolmen, one of whom was taking notes. I was curious, but I couldn’t take the time to ask what was going on. I had a more than sneaking suspicion that the Mystic Eye had shared my fate and become a target of the same crazies. I pushed through the door.
    Inside, the Eye was an oasis in a storm. Deep red draperies framed the glass front windows and thick carpeting masked street sounds. Cubbyholes formed by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves carved out the larger spaces, creating reading nooks with stools. A fragrant incense evoking cinnamon and sandalwood filled the air. Water tinkled through small fountains next to well-lit display cases that held jewelry and delicate glassware. Plaster gargoyles looked down from high on the walls, and center tables displayed the newest acquisitions.
    I spotted a woman with bright carrot-red hair and a prominent nose. This was my client—her coloring and features shouted Aries rising. She wore a long skirt and boots with a dark tweed blazer. She was leafing through a book on one of the front tables.
    Her face lit up when she heard her name. “Julia?” She replaced the book on the table. “I’m so glad you’re here. What was that stuff all about?”
    “I honestly have no idea, but I’d be willing to bet those same people were here too. The manager here is outside now, talking to the police. She’s my friend so I know I’ll find out more later. But enough of that. You’ve gone through too much trouble already. Let’s grab a private room and have our session.”
    Darlene meekly followed me toward the back of the store and through a doorway that opened into the short hallway. I pushed back the curtain at the first door on the left, turned on the lamp, and hung my coat over the chair. The tiny reading room was almost completely filled by a small round table and two chairs, but it would do just fine for our appointment.
    “Please, have a seat,” I said.
    Darlene nodded and took off her jacket. I set up my laptop and tape recorder. I took a deep breath and did my best to push all the recent upsets out of my head.
    Darlene fidgeted, turning a ring round and round on her finger. “I have to tell you. I’m a little nervous today.”
    “Don’t worry.” I smiled. “Lots of people feel that way the first time. Let’s demystify the process, okay?”
    Darlene nodded.
    I turned the laptop so she could visualize the placements as I pointed them out. “First, let’s start with the breakup.”
    Darlene groaned. “It’s been awful.”
    I nodded sympathetically. “They generally are, no matter the circumstances. Here’s the thing. Saturn, by transit, reached your seventh house cusp, the house of partnerships. Your seventh house has the sign of Libra on the cusp, the sign associated with relationship. Saturn is a constricting but stabilizing force. Wherever Saturn touches, we’re forced into a deeper level of maturity. We’re compelled to take a hard look at the reality and not the fantasy.”
    “I blame myself. I think I made too many demands.”
    I watched her face carefully. I could read the sadness, and the fact that she’d tortured herself with guilt. “I really doubt that, Darlene. Your chart has a heavy western influence. That means most of your planets are on the right-hand side of the chart. You’re an extremely compassionate person who’s easily able to put herself in another’s shoes. I think it’s highly unlikely you were selfish or demanding. In fact, you probably bent over backward. Your former boyfriend was a great guy, eccentric, fun-loving; I can see that from his chart. But, he’s not terribly ambitious. He couldn’t

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