The Mating Call: Drekinn Series
doctor tried to genetically create something that would change any human that had even a trace amount of shifter or magical being in their blood into a full-blooded Breyting . But it hadn't worked; instead, it had killed a lot of people. Unfortunately, the doctor had never been caught, but they had reports, he was human; he should be long dead by now.
    "Unfortunately we have reports that someone is working with the Ulfer . The information is sketchy at best. But here is what we know. They have a scientist of sorts working with them to turn humans again into Breyting , and Ulfer. As you all know, the difference between the two is huge. Breyting are full shifters and magical beings; they are born, not changed. Any human with even the slightest amount of magical or shifter blood can have a full-blooded shifter. We have no clue how it happens, but our assumption is there is a dominant DNA strand that allows this. They have the full use of their powers and can control them. A shifter can shift at will and also control his animal side with little problems. They are connected and act as one when they are shifted. Just the same as other creatures like Warlocks, Witches, Sidhe, and Fae, they are directly connected with their powers and can control them easily."
    Cherri walked around the end of the table; she loved lecturing. Calli wanted to laugh; it was like being in bio 101 again. She kept a straight face for her friend, or later she would probably try to kick her ass, or put hair remover in her shampoo. Don't laugh, she had done it before.
    "Whereas the Ulfer have a piece of their DNA that's missing. We know the part that's missing is the part that allows them to control and have a conscience. As you all know, this is a bad combination. According to a few sources, whoever they have working for them is still working on the formula. We need to stop them ASAP. I'm sure you all know what will happen if this hits the streets," Cherri finished and sat down.
    Ms. Praton took the front of the room again. "So we need protection for these ladies," Calli went to protest and Ms. Praton glared at her and then looked around the room. "Kade, I believe you are more than capable of doing double duty. You have Calli. Cherri and Rissa, I will have Enforcers sent up. Make sure you have room in your palace; they will be staying with you."
    Calli wanted to scream. How could she actually do that to her? The rest of the meeting she listened half assed. Until, of course, she heard mention of investigating the men at the Drag Queen Bar. The waitress was the only person still alive that could identify the assholes. Her name was Kiki De Laru, and she was a cougar shifter. If they could get to her, keep her alive and get her to look at mug shots, they might have a shot at getting these bastards. Calli raised her eyebrows when Ms. Praton paused, before assigning it to her and Kade. She wanted to groan out loud. Was she being punished for something? Callie wondered.

Chapter 5
    Calli was silent as she gathered her stuff up and then walked with her friends to her office. Kade at least had the decency to leave her alone to get shit; she noticed that he stayed back with Brooks to get his gear issued.
    For an Enforcer, the gear was the coolest thing about the job. He would get an amped up taser gun, which could knock out a linebacker on crack. Also, he would get the cool vest with all the pockets, filled with ammo for his newly issued Track 12 guns, which could shoot both pellet and real bullets. You never know when you need to shoot a human. Some of the radicals were dangerous, and since they didn't want to cause a WAC incident, pellets had to be used on humans. Also, the knives and sprays, those were necessary. Her favorite was the NG3 spray that would cause a shifter to shift and become a pup. It was entertaining.
    Focusing on the matter at hand, her friends, she sighed and walked into her office and shut the door behind

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