The McKettrick Legend

The McKettrick Legend by Linda Lael Miller Read Free Book Online

Book: The McKettrick Legend by Linda Lael Miller Read Free Book Online
Authors: Linda Lael Miller
remember to check her email when she’s here,” he said.
    â€œMom won’t let me log on,” Liam told him.
    Travis glanced at Sierra, turned to Liam again. “Rules are rules, cowpoke,” he said.
    â€œRules bite,” Liam said.
    â€œNinety-five percent of the time,” Travis agreed.
    Liam recovered quickly. “Are you going to stay and eat with us?”
    Travis shook his head. “I’d like that a lot, but I’m expected some where else for supper,” he answered.
    Liam looked sorely disappointed.
    Sierra wondered where that “some where else” was, and with whom Travis would be sharing a meal, and was irritated with her self. It was none of her business, and besides, she didn’t care what he did or who he did it with anyway. Not the least little bit.
    â€œMaybe another time,” Travis said.
    Liam sighed and retreated to the study and his allotted hour of television.
    â€œYou shouldn’t have,” Sierra said, indicating their supper with a nod.
    â€œIt’s your first night here,” Travis answered, opening the door to leave. “Seemed like the neighborly thing to do.”
    â€œThank you,” Sierra said, but he’d already closed the door between them.
    Travis started up his truck, just in case Sierra was listening for the engine, drove it around behind the barn and parked. After stopping to check on Baldy and the three other horses in his care, he shrugged down into the collar of his coat and slogged to his trailer.
    The quarters were close, smaller than the closet off his master bedroom at home in Flag staff, but he didn’t need much space. He had a bed, kitchen facilities, a bathroom and a place for his laptop. It was enough.
    More than Brody was ever going to have.
    He took off his hat and coat and tossed them on to the built-in, padded bench that passed for a couch. He tried not to think about Brody, and in the daytime, he stayed busy enough to succeed. At night, it was another matter. There just wasn’t enough to do after dark, especially out here in the boonies, once he’d nuked a frozen dinner and watched the news.
    He thought about Sierra and the boy, in there in the big house, eating the chicken and fixings he’d picked up in thedeli at the one and only super market in Indian Rock. He’d never intended to join them, since they’d just arrived and were settling in, but he could picture himself sitting down at that long table in the kitchen, just the same.
    He rooted through his refrigerator, something he had to crouch to do, and chose between Salisbury steak, Salisbury steak and Salisbury steak.
    While the sectioned plastic plate was whirling round and round in the lilliputian microwave that came with the trailer, he made coffee and remembered his last visit from Rance McKettrick. Widowed, Rance lived alone in the house his legendary ancestor, Rafe, had built for his wife, Emmeline, and their children, back in the 1880s. He had two daughters, whom he largely ignored.
    â€œThis place is just a fancy coffin,” Rance had observed, in his blunt way, when he’d stepped into the trailer. “Brody’s the one that’s dead, Trav, not you.”
    Travis rubbed his eyes with a thumb and fore finger. Brody was dead, all right. No getting around that. Seventeen, with everything to live for, and he’d blown himself up in the back room of a slum house in Phoenix, making meth.
    He looked into the window over the sink, saw his own reflection.
    Turned away.
    His cell phone rang, and he considered letting voice mail pick up, but couldn’t make himself do it. If he’d answered the night Brody called…
    He fished the thing out, snapped it open and said, “Reid.”
    â€œWhatever happened to ‘hello’?” Meg asked.
    The bell on the microwave rang, and Travis reached in to retrieve his supper, burned his hand and cursed.
    She laughed. “Better and

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