The Night Off

The Night Off by Meghan O'Brien Read Free Book Online

Book: The Night Off by Meghan O'Brien Read Free Book Online
Authors: Meghan O'Brien
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Lesbian, v5.0, Escort services
    “Bad girl.” Nat slapped her lightly, low on her bottom, her fingers making wet contact with Emily’s labia. Emily jerked in surprise. “What kind of woman enjoys being taken over a stranger’s knee and spanked like this?” Nat tapped her pussy again, hard enough to startle but not to cause real pain. Her fingers came away coated in Emily’s slick juices. Nat let go of Emily’s wrists so she could spread her open with both hands, exposing engorged pink flesh and thrillingly abundant wetness. “You deserve every last thing I’m going to do to you tonight.”
    “I know, mistress.” Thighs quaking, Emily pressed her hips down on Nat’s lap as though seeking friction.
    “Oh, do you want to come?” Nat spanked her hard once, then followed up with multiple lighter slaps. “Is that what your body is telling me? What happened to the girl who couldn’t take off her clothes for me? Who I had to force into her car against her will?” She slipped her hand between Emily’s thighs, pushing her thumb inside her opening and gliding her fingers up to press against her hard clit. “Where did that good girl go?”
    Emily bucked against her hand, pumping her hips as though hoping to encourage Nat to fuck her again. Then she stilled. “I don’t know, mistress.” The vulnerability in her words threatened to loosen Nat’s control on her character. Usually it wasn’t hard to stay in a scene. With Emily, Nat couldn’t stop worrying about how she was feeling, if she was okay. It was less like being with a client and more like caring deeply for a lover.
    Not allowing herself to dwell on thoughts that could upset her professionalism, Nat soldiered on. She rubbed the pads of her fingers over Emily’s slippery clit, circling the tip of her thumb inside her opening. “Fuck my hand. Fuck my hand like you want me to fuck you.”
    She could feel Emily’s embarrassment as she began rocking her hips. At first her movements were self-conscious, but soon enough Emily jerked against Nat with unabashed enthusiasm, clearly building toward climax. Nat slapped her ass hard with her other hand, drawing out a throaty moan.
    “Don’t you dare come.” Nat gave her an extra-hard smack when she stopped abruptly. “Don’t you dare stop, either. Show me what a nasty, horny slut you are.”
    Emily pushed herself up on her elbows again, riding Nat’s hand in measured rhythm. Nat angled her thumb to penetrate Emily deeper and wiggled her fingertips in lazy patterns over Emily’s labia and clit. Keening, Emily pumped her hips madly before freezing mid-thrust, her entire body trembling.
    Nat delivered a swift, heavy smack that made Emily choke out a gasp. “I told you not to stop.”
    “Yes, mistress.” Emily remained tense. “I know, mistress, but…if I keep doing that, I’ll come, and you told me not to do that, either…” She hung her head. “I don’t want to disobey you. I swear.”
    Nat believed her completely. She pulled her hand from Emily’s pussy and, unable to resist, licked her fingers clean. Emily tasted delicious in a way that didn’t surprise her in the least. She couldn’t wait to sample her flavor straight from the source. Nat gave her one more swat on the behind. “Stand up.”
    Emily rushed to obey, nearly losing her balance as she struggled to her feet. She stood in front of Nat with her eyes lowered to the ground, her face nearly as pink as her ass. When she laced her fingers in front of her trimmed thatch of curls, the delightful show of vulnerability stirred Nat’s darkest lust.
    “Did you see the anal toys on that table?”
    Blinking rapidly, Emily shot to attention. “Yes, mistress.”
    “Choose one and bring it to me. Don’t forget the bottle of lube.”
    “I…won’t, mistress.” Emily swallowed, then turned to approach the table with obvious trepidation.
    Even before learning that Emily had no prior experience with anal penetration, Nat had decided to offer her a range of options.

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