The Opposite of Wild

The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore Read Free Book Online

Book: The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kylie Gilmore
Tags: Romance, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
tried one on and admired her look in the mirror. The jacket looked like a huge leather nightgown over her shorts and skinny legs.
    Liz stifled a laugh. “Try another one, maybe a smaller size.” Hopefully she could keep Maggie occupied trying on jackets until Ryan got there.
    Maggie took her time, with Liz’s encouragement, searching for the perfect biker chick look. So far, she’d decided on a black helmet with the pink Harley-Davidson logo that didn’t mess up her hair too badly, a soft black leather jacket with pink satin lining and just the right amount of pockets, and black leather gloves with pink logo and stitching.
    Liz checked her phone to see if she had any messages from Daisy. With an almost eerie sixth sense, she looked up just as Ryan yanked open the showroom door, striding with purpose right for her. Her throat went dry at the thunderous look on his face, but before she could squeak out a word, Maggie emerged from behind a rack of clothing with a pair of leather chaps over her shorts.
    Liz bit her lip to keep the hysterical laugh bubbling up inside her from bursting out.
    Maggie hadn’t yet noticed Ryan. “I think these might work better with jeans, don’t you?” she asked Liz. “Maybe with a little butt padding. I swear I used to have a booty.” She patted her butt. “Now it’s flat as a pancake.” She caught Liz’s jerk of the head and turned around to see Ryan standing there, arms crossed. “Oh, hi, Ryan. What are you doing here?”
    ~ ~ ~
    Ryan couldn’t believe his eyes. Gran wearing leather chaps in a Harley shop, talking about her ass. It was a living nightmare.
    “What am I doing here?” he asked Gran. Before he could read her the riot act on safety, Liz stepped in front of him. Her pink shirt was buttoned all the way to the top and tucked into ironed white pants. Her hair was straight and perfect. He had the strangest urge to muss her up.
    He looked over the top of her head. Gran had gone behind the rack of clothes to remove the chaps.
    “I was helping her pick out the perfect outfit ,” Liz said.
    He blinked. She said she was going to help Gran make good choices, and they’re shopping for a Harley. And why is she talking about outfits?
    “Is that supposed to be helpful?” he asked in a low, controlled voice.
    She lifted her palms. “It’s not a motorcycle.”
    He leaned in close and caught a scent of vanilla. “Why did you agree to drive her here? You’re supposed to be looking out for her.”
    Liz flushed red. “I didn’t know that’s what we were doing at first, and then I was just so busy trying to figure out how to talk her out of it that I—”
    He held up a hand. “You have to take charge with her. Watch and learn.”
    Liz crossed her arms and watched.
    He gestured to Gran to come over. She did.
    “Isn’t this place great?” Gran asked.
    He exhaled sharply. “Gran, a bike is out of the question. They’re dangerous. One crash and you could be in a wheelchair for life.”
    Gran gave him a pointed look that could have meant Back off or just You’re an idiot . Either way, she headed to the checkout to pay for a jacket and helmet that sat on the counter. He considered that a victory.
    He raised his eyebrows at Liz. See, that’s how you handle her .
    Liz met his eyes and quickly looked away, picking a piece of lint off her shirt. He glanced over at the register and almost told Gran to put the helmet back—she’d never be using it—but Liz had a point that at least it wasn’t a motorcycle, and he could always use an extra helmet. A few minutes later, Gran walked past him, nose in the air, and headed toward the exit. Good . She could be pissed off as long as she was safe.
    Liz followed, hips swaying as she booked it out of there. Barely there panty lines. Probably silk. He was starting to appreciate the white, ironed pants.
    The salesman caught up with Gran. Liz was already out the door.
    “Mike, thanks for your help today,” Gran said. “I’ll be in

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