The Outlaw (Montana Men Book 3)

The Outlaw (Montana Men Book 3) by Vanessa Vale Read Free Book Online

Book: The Outlaw (Montana Men Book 3) by Vanessa Vale Read Free Book Online
Authors: Vanessa Vale
panting, the way my skin was slick with sweat, the way I felt like something was building, burning inside of me, that he was very adept at his task.
    "Finn, I...I don't know what to do," I said, my voice breathless, my body screaming, aching for something.
    His tongue had moved to this small place, to this one spot...right, oh yes, right there. Ever so gently, he flicked it and it was as if I'd been struck by lightning, the pleasure so intense, so hot, I saw white behind my closed eyelids. But it wasn't enough. I wanted, needed more. I didn't know what it was though, and I whimpered.
    "You don't have to do anything but feel, Caro." Finn's breath was hot on my sensitive flesh. He moved one hand from my bottom to stroke over the places his mouth had been before circling the opening to my woman's core. Ever so gently he nudged in, only the very top of his finger inside. As it went round and round, I thought I would surely die from pleasure. It was too much and I told him so.
    "I'll take care of you," he assured me. I didn't know how, but I had to believe. Instead of stopping as I imagined him to do, he lowered his head once again, his tongue laving my flesh while his finger nudged in a little deeper until...yes!
    "That's the spot, isn't it?" he asked, but I assumed it was a rhetorical question because I didn't know the answer. It most certainly was a spot and his finger, nudging it along with the magic of his tongue had me climbing higher and higher until I couldn't take it anymore and I shattered into a million pieces.  I fell apart with complete abandon, the pleasure so incredible I screamed Finn's name. On and on it went, on and on Finn worked my body. Finally, after a duration I didn't know, I returned to myself. I lay replete on the bed, wilted, damp with sweat, sated in a way I never imagined. Finn's mouth was still on me, his finger still sliding over the spot inside.
    "Again," he said, and set about his task with equal, if not more, fervor than before.
    This time, my body was primed, overly sensitive and it didn't take long to recognize I would shatter once again. This time, the pleasure was exquisitely sharp, bordering on painful. "No more. I...I can't take any more."
    My fingers were in his hair and I was holding him in place against me. When had I put them there? Releasing my grip, he lifted his head, wiped his chin with the back of his hand, his whiskers rasping.
    Coming up to his knees, he kept his finger inside of me. Instead of pulling it free, he added another. "You're so tight."
    "What was that?" I asked, overwhelmed by what Finn had just done.
    He grinned. "You just came. Twice." His fingers started to move, in and out. "You're so wet. Feel that?"
    I winced, a hint of pain mixing with the simmering feelings his fingers elicited.
    "Your maidenhead. It's right there. I'm only in to my first knuckles, baby." It was hard to concentrate on his words when his fingers continued to move. "I'm going to fill you right up."
    I glanced between us to his cock, which now was a dark plum color; thick veins pulsed up the long length, clear liquid seeping from the blunt head.
    "Do you need to be filled, Caro?"
    "Oh, god, Finn," I panted. How was it possible to want to feel that bliss again? I wanted to...come again. This time, however, I did want his cock in me. My inner walls clenched down on the tip of his fingers in anticipation. I felt...empty and the idea of him filling me up, as he'd said, made me say, "Yes. Yes, please."
    Leaning forward, he braced himself on one hand as he pulled his fingers free from my opening. I frowned, feeling neglected. "Finn, wait. Don't stop."
    He lined his cock up to where his fingers had been, the blunt head pressing forward and spreading me open. "I won't stop, baby. I'm going to make you mine."
    Slowly, he pushed forward, his cock stretching me wider and wider until he paused, just an inch or two in. His green eyes were darker than I'd ever seen them, his cheeks ruddy and his jaw clenched

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