The Plan

The Plan by Apryl Summers Read Free Book Online

Book: The Plan by Apryl Summers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Apryl Summers
Pretty cool, yeah?
    We got out of the car and went to the back
door, and Janine pressed a button on a black square box, positioned on the
outside wall. A voice answered, “ Cat
Tails. ” Janine
replied, “ JB dash 6231. ” The
bolt automatically unlatched the door and we went in.
woman standing in the hallway took one look at me and said, “ Who the hell is she? ”

    The Agreement
front of me stood a 5 ’ 2 ” red headed woman, wearing a tightly fitted
pink mini-skirt and a cut-away blouse that exposed a fair amount of cleavage. A designer chandelier necklace , dangled in between her
buxom breasts, gently rocking from one of the other.
    She looked stunning, beautiful and sassy.
    This must be Elaine.
    She certainly didn ’ t look like she worked at the brothel; her
outfit, as skimpy as it was, and her accessories probably cost more than they
made in a year.
    “ Madam
Elaine, this is Kelly, she ’ s
with me, ” Janine
said. “ I
wanted to introduce her to you. She just relocated from New York City and she ’ s looking for a job. ”
    I stood motionless, feeling very
intimidated. She was menacing, imposing — downright terrifying.
    Elaine took two steps towards me to check
me out. Then she asked Janine, “ Does
she have references? ”
    I knew that I had to appear confident, but
not cocky, so I spoke up, “ What
kind of references? ”
    Before Madam Elaine had a chance to
respond, Janine interrupted, “ Well,
after last night, at my place, Thomas and I can give her references. ”
    “ Oh,
really, ” Elaine
replied. “ Is
she any good? ”
    “ The
best. ”
    “ Let ’ s go into my office, ” Madam Elaine said, walking away.
    Janine took the lead and then stopped when
Elaine turned around and said, “ Just her . ”
    I followed Elaine down the hallway to the
final door on the right. I stepped into her elegantly decorated office,
complete with animal statues and a zebra rug that covered half the floor. The
walls lined with signed and framed photographs of famous actors, sport-figures
and high-profile businesspersons standing with Elaine.
    She walked to her desk, spun around and
sat on the edge. “ Come
closer, ” she
    I walked to the leather chairs and
    “ Closer, ” she repeated.
    My God, what ’ s she want to do, make out?
    I moved closer until I was about three
feet away.
    “ Take
off your dress, ” she
    I slid my straps off each shoulder and
removed my dress, at which point she asked me to remove my bra and panties. I
stood before her nearly naked, wearing nothing but my stilettos. She stepped
forward, placed one hand on each breast and gently squeezed them, before
saying, “ Are
they real? ”
    “ Yes,
ma ’ am, ” I replied.   
    “ Turn
around, ” she
    I turned around and she said, “ Bend over and place your hands on the arms
of the chair. Spread your legs. ”
    I felt like I was back in eighth grade
getting a physical examination from the school nurse. She rubbed her hands on
my buttocks and said, “ Mmmm,
no tan lines, that ’ s a nice touch. ”
    The air conditioner was turned up high in
her office, raising the hairs on the back of my arms and stiffening my nipples.
My nipples stood to attention, as if ready for their physical examine. She
looked at my crotch, pointed and said, “ You might want to consider shaving that
little patch, if you want to work here. It is not a requirement, but men tip
better for a shaved pussy. ”
    “ I ’ ll do it tonight, ” I said.
    She gave me one final glance and then told
me to get dressed, which I did quickly and without looking at her. Fully
clothed, I sat in the leather chair as she asked me questions about myself.
    “ Sorry
for coming on strong in the hallway, I like to know who is in my home. ”
    “ I understand, ” I
    “ So,
you ’ re from New York City? ”
    “ Yes,
ma ’ am. ”
    “ Call
me Elaine, ”

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