The Prince and the Working Woman (Desert Prince Book 1)

The Prince and the Working Woman (Desert Prince Book 1) by Kat Attalla Read Free Book Online

Book: The Prince and the Working Woman (Desert Prince Book 1) by Kat Attalla Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kat Attalla
    "Then why didn't you say no."
    "Because I wanted to know exactly how a stranger feels when they land here. How can I help others adjust unless I do it myself?"
    That seemed to appease her friend and put her mind at rest.
    "Will you be staying at the Palace?"
    “He offered but I said no." She did not want to live in that proverbial fishbowl.
    "Then where?"
    "A temporary rental until I know where I will be working. And by that time you'll be back and we can figure out where I'll be living permanently."
    "Where is this apartment?"
    "I don't know yet. I'll text you when I get there."
    She appreciated her friend’s concern. And God knew she was not a good judge of men but no warning bells went off in her brain when with him. When he got physical with her the other day it had been with her complete consent.
    "Are you finished?" Hamid asked.
    "Yes." She tucked her phone into her pause.
    "And she didn't talk you out of staying?"
    "Why would she?"
    "Because I got an earful from my little brother."
    "About what?"
    He raised his shoulders in a shrug. “Just a reminder that he is an expert with weapons and explosives."
    She grinned from ear to ear. "He is so sweet."
    His dark eyes studied her. "Do you think I am a threat to you?"
    "I wouldn't be here if I thought you were."
    "And you know I have no ulterior motive other than getting a start on the center?"
    "Of course you have. But I don’t mind.”  She hooked her arm though his and headed for the exit. “Just remember going forward you will never manipulate me unless I allow you to."
    * * * *
    Hamid led Mandy to the limo waiting right outside the electronic door. The airport was located twenty kilometers outside of the capital, and looked out over sand and stone. The city, a mix of ancient ruins and modern skyscrapers had very little middle ground in between. Four generations ago Touzar was a vast desert of wandering Bedouin tribes. In the early days of the oil revolution the natural resources were leased to foreign corporations. His grandfather was the first of the sheiks to give up the caravans for roots. His father and his uncles were the first to attend school.
    The old contracts for the underground oil deposits had profited foreign companies and screwed the people of Touzar for fifty years. A decade ago as the contracts expired, the renegotiations brought more favorable terms. And the flow of money into the country created a whole new set of problems.
    A full moon shone on the ruins of an ancient temple located at the outskirts of town. As they entered through a beautiful stone wall the city lights became apparent. "Here we are."
    Mandy slid forward in the seat to look out the window. She studied everything with childlike exuberance. But there was nothing childish about the body that landed in his lap when the driver swerved around a pothole.
    Her breath caught in her throat. She wriggled but put no effort into pulling away. Judging by the spark in her eye her sensual movements were deliberate. "You told the driver to do that."
    "No. But you can bet he will get an extra tip tonight." He slid his arm around her waist. Damn the woman was built! Round and curvy but at the same time toned and tight.
    “That can't be comfortable for you."
    "Let me be the judge of that."
    A soft moan escaped her pursed lips. "I can feel you pressed against me. Are you going to tell me that it doesn't bother you?"
    "Well if you wiggle your ass a little more it might bother me but it would bother you too."
    "You are so full of yourself."
    He let out a hearty chuckle. "I would rather that you were full of me but I have a feeling you're not a backseat kind of girl."
    "You got that right."
    Still she didn't get off him. But a few sensual moves on her part and she would get him off. How should he take that? It was not the time to find out. He slid her into the seat with a painful groan.
    She laughed. And then she snuggled against him. Mandy was a hot mix of spicy and sweet, hard and

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