The Pyramid Builders

The Pyramid Builders by Saxon Andrew Read Free Book Online

Book: The Pyramid Builders by Saxon Andrew Read Free Book Online
Authors: Saxon Andrew
Tags: Science-Fiction
seconds, “This translation is wrong. The fourth line is a negative not a positive. The writer was saying they hated to be bringing such bad news, not that they had news. I also see that the language under it is not from this planet.”
    Jillian was shocked, “Why do you say that?”
    “The breaks in the thoughts are at different intervals than the way humans think. Whoever wrote the lines under the hieroglyphics was really just giving definitions to individual terms.” Dolly handed the tablet back and looked at Jillian, “You’ve discovered aliens.”
    Jeff watched Dolly give her opinion and was amazed and intimidated by what he was seeing in the young woman. Dolly looked at him and saw his expression, “Now there you go wondering how you’re ever going to stand a chance with someone like me, aren’t you?”
    Jeff looked at her and nodded, “Miss Sierra, you have just added about ten more levels of beauty to what I have already seen. I am amazed by your brilliance.”
    Dolly smiled, leaned over, and kissed him on the cheek, “Don’t give up so fast, Jeffie, you also interest me.” Dolly turned back to Jillian and said, “You need Dr. Connor to go and see if there were aliens when these hieroglyphics were written. That tells me you must have developed some kind of mechanism that will allow faster-than-light speeds.”
    Jillian slowly shook her head and smiled, “Come with me, Dolly. I have something to show you.”
    “Do you mind if Jeff goes with us? I don’t want him to stray too far. Someone else might ask him to dance and you know how I hate competition.”
    Jillian frowned, “I thought you had a thing for Dr. Connor.”
    Dolly’s expression said it all, “Get real. I tried but he’s not available. The only thing I have for him is that I would give my life to make sure he’s safe. Too many people depend on him.”
    Jeff looked at Dolly and wondered if he did have a chance. Dolly smiled at him and nodded. “Sure you do.” Oh, boy. She could read his expression. That’s fine. I don’t have anything to hide.
    Jillian shook her head, “Well, let’s go see the good Doctor. He’s been waiting for you.” She nodded at Jeff and he followed them.
    Five days had passed and Dr. Connor had left and come back. He didn’t explain why he had to leave, but President Carlyle insisted that he be allowed the freedom to set his own schedule. He had spent most of his time with Dolly, working on her computer with her translations. He had surprised her again when she learned he was also an authority on ancient languages. Dolly was beyond anyone she had ever encountered. The translation team had confronted her after she had challenged their work and they discovered rather quickly that they were wrong every time. This young woman shredded their arguments and corrected most of what they had done. They realized that they were now in a supporting role and, unbelievably, there was no anger toward her. Her openness, sincerity, and ready smile were impossible to be angry with for very long. Dr. Mustaf actually welcomed the opportunity to learn details of the ancient Egyptian language. Jillian watched as Dr. Connor stood and left the building again. Jillian walked up and sat down beside Dolly, “How’s it going?”
    Dolly looked at Jillian and her face had a worried expression, “Jillian, this is scary.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I’ll give you the entire translation shortly. I expect just a week or two will complete it, but I guess you already knew the tablet predicts the destruction of Earth.”
    “Yes, we had already determined that before you came.”
    “Jillian, the writer is saying that Earth will be shattered. All life on the planet will die.”
    Jillian felt a cold wind blow over her soul, “Does he say how?”
    “No, at least not to this point. I’ve not shared this with the team. I’m concerned that they might decide to do something irrational. This is not information that should get out. I think we

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