The Russian's Dangerous Game

The Russian's Dangerous Game by Elizabeth Lennox Read Free Book Online

Book: The Russian's Dangerous Game by Elizabeth Lennox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth Lennox
Tags: Romance, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary, Contemporary Fiction
leather club chairs set off to the corner and two more formal-looking chairs placed in front of the desk. Everything looked very normal, if elaborately expensive, but she suspected there were locks and security measures all around. There was no way she could hack into the laptop on the corner of his desk, or even pick the locks on that enormous looking desk.
    She stopped her mind suddenly, looking around as her mind registered something her eyes had caught a moment ago. Sure enough, his sports jacket was lying against one of the chairs. Was it...? She glanced behind her at the still-closed door, then over at the jacket. She didn’t have time to think, not knowing how long she had. Within moments, her shaking fingers were digging through the pockets of his jacket and she found the paper. As soon as her fingers touched it, she froze for a fraction of a second. Was she doing something illegal? Her mind quickly went through the potential issues but she just didn’t know enough about the law. Perhaps if she were a police officer, this would be illegal search and seizure, but she wasn’t sure what her legal standing was here. At a minimum, this was probably unethical, wasn’t it?
    She considered what another reporter might do and that clinched it in her mind. A hard-hitting reporter would take the letter and run with it.
    When she opened it up, her hands were shaking so badly, she couldn’t even read the words. And at the last minute, she simply wasn’t morally able to outright steal the letter. It violated too many of her ethical codes. Instead, she dug her phone out of her purse and snapped a picture of the words before stuffing it right back where it had been. She then folded the jacket, leaving it exactly as it had been when she’d walked in.
    With her phone dumped back into her purse, she moved back over to the door. Peering out, she breathed a sigh of relief she discovered that the big guy was gone. Where he’d gone, she had no idea but she wasn’t going to wait and find out. If he was waking Rocco up, she didn’t want to be anywhere near this place when he came down the stairs. She didn’t want to see him again, too ashamed of what they’d done together tonight.
    With her purse tucked under her arm, she sprinted to the front door, almost sobbing with relief when she found the door unlocked. She had half expected to find the door locked with some crazy mechanism that only certain people knew how to open. She wouldn’t put it past a man like Rocco Antoniv. But what did that say about her? She’d slept with the man. Well, she hadn’t really slept with him so much as….
    No,& she couldn’t think of that. She had to put that out of her mind. She rushed out the door and looked around, trying to get her bearings. She had no idea where she was, but obviously, she was in one of the more exclusive neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. She walked down the tree lined sidewalk, desperately looking for a cab. She wanted to get home, to curl up in her bed and not come out for at least a week.
    When she rounded the corner, she was relieved to see two cab drivers chatting on the side of the road, both of them holding a cup of coffee in their hands. “Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt, but could either of you gentlemen give me a lift home?” she asked, unaware that she looked like a mess. Her hair was messed up, her lipstick gone and her eyes were swollen and red from the tears that she desperately needed to release.
    Both men stared at her for a long moment. Brianna’s heart sank as they continued to gape and she forced a weak smile to her face, hoping that would ease the shock of seeing such a disheveled woman at this hour of the night.
    “I’ll help you,” one of them jumped up. He opened the back door to his cab in a courtly fashion, his worried eyes skittering from the top of her head down to her shoes and back to his friend, communicating a silent message. “Do you need to speak with a police officer?” he asked

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