The Sheikh's American Daughter

The Sheikh's American Daughter by Kate Goldman Read Free Book Online

Book: The Sheikh's American Daughter by Kate Goldman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Goldman
    “No, he came for Sheikh Solomon.”

    The next morning was easily the worst morning Olivia had in Sheikh Solomon’s house. He had called everyone downstairs for breakfast. He wanted his entire family to have breakfast together. He wanted them all to get along but Olivia felt that it was too soon. Things never worked out well when forced.
    “Must we eat with her?” Rania asked her father.
    “From now on, we will eat together,” said Sheikh Solomon. All the women at the table looked at him as though he was crazy.
    “That isn’t the wisest of your decisions,” Jacob said to his father.
    “We are a family whether anyone likes it or not.” Sheikh Solomon took a deep breath. “We have been invited to the Boutros residence on Sunday,” he added.
    “Who is we?” Daaliyah asked her husband.
    “Everyone sitting at this table.”
    “Why is that one coming?” Rania pointed at Daya. “She is not even part of the family.”
    “That one?” said Olivia. Her so-called sisters were so rude.
    “Yes, that!”
    “You are so rude.” Even though Olivia knew that she was guest in their home, she was not going to be silent while Rania and Marina were rude to Daya. It was uncalled for and unnecessary.
    “And you are an intruder,” said Marina.
    “You are not welcome here,” Rania said to Olivia.
    “I can stay here. I do not have to come on Sunday,” said Daya. “However, Olivia is not an intruder and you have no right to be so rude to her,” she added. Daya and Olivia were so close. They were always on each other’s side.
    Rania and Marina both started speaking at the same time. They voiced their displeasure. Daya and Olivia had no choice but to answer. They too voiced their displeasure. It was like a screaming match. Jacob just leaned back in his chair and watched.
    Sheikh Solomon dropped his fork. 
    “Enough!” he shouted. “I will not have the four of you fighting, especially at the breakfast table.”
    Olivia could not believe that she was taking part in the fighting. It was unlike her. She did not like drama and arguments. However, Rania and Marina seemed to bring out the worst in her.
    “There would not be any fighting if you did not have an illegitimate child,” said Daaliyah. Sheikh Solomon shot her a warning gaze.
    “We are happy to stay in a hotel and to not come on Sunday,” said Olivia.
    “You are not staying in a hotel and you are most certainly coming on Sunday.”
    Olivia did not like taking orders from anyone. She did not want to go to the Boutros residence. She did not see the point of her going. However, she was not going to take it up with Sheikh Solomon at that moment. She just narrowed her gaze at him and bit her tongue.
    “It will be a very interesting day,” Jacob added. He took a sip of his coffee.
    “We should all eat in silence,” said Sheikh Solomon. Olivia thought he was probably regretting the idea of getting everyone to dine together. It was definitely too soon for them to act as though they were family.

Chapter 9
    There was a knock on Joseph’s office door. “Come in,” Joseph called out. The door opened and his cousin Amirwalked in. The two of them had been so close growing up. Joseph welcomed him with a warm smile.
    “Joseph Boutros,” Amir said as he walked into the clinically clean office. Joseph was very smart and particular about his work, so everything had to be clean and tidy. His office had a beautiful grey décor. It had big windows. 
    “How was your trip?” Joseph asked Amir.
    “It was productive.” Amir sat in the grey tufted chair at Joseph’s desk. “So, you met with the Solomon girls?”
    Joseph narrowed his gaze at Amir. “That had to be the first thing you had to mention,” he said to him.
    “Of course. You need to be married soon.”
    Joseph ran his hand through his hair and leaned back into his

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