The Skulls

The Skulls by Sam Crescent Read Free Book Online

Book: The Skulls by Sam Crescent Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sam Crescent
bunch of tattooed bikers. This
is not me. It’s not fair.”
    He pulled her hair off her shoulder and laid a kiss
to her exposed flesh. “I know, and I’m sorry.”
    She shook her head. “No, you’re not sorry. If you
were sorry you’d let me go.”
    “There’s no way you’re leaving, Angel. You’re my
woman. You stay by my side.”
    “I hate you. I don’t know you, but I hate you. You’re
unfair, and I hate you for it.”
    Lash listened to her words and reached around to cup
her breast. Her nipple hardened in his palm. He didn’t let up from his touch.
    With his other hand he pulled the vest he’d given
her up over her chest until he was touching her naked tit in his palm. She
filled his hand with her nipple poking against him.
    “You can hate me all you want, baby. Your body
doesn’t lie, and you want me. Hate me all you want, but you’re mine. Your body
is mine, and I’ll be fucking you very soon.”
    Dropping his lips against her neck Lash inhaled her
subtle fragrance. Her scent was addictive, and he wanted to surround himself with
her scent.
    She let out a moan, and her hands lay flat against
the door. He wasn’t letting her get away.
    “I can’t do this.”
    “Yes, you can.” He dropped one of his hands to her
jeans and flicked open the button of her jeans. She didn’t fight him. His Angel
didn’t stop him when he slipped his hand inside her jeans and through her
creamy slit. Her pussy was dripping wet and coated his palm with her cream.
    Their moans combined and floated away in the air. He
nibbled her neck relishing the feel of her against him.

    Angel wanted to fight him, but no matter how much
she tried a new wave of pleasure consumed her, stopping her from putting an end
to Lash’s touch. Did she really want him to stop? Fingers stroked over her clit,
and Angel was lost to anything other than the sensation he was creating.
    “You’re so slippery. Hate me, baby. I can handle the
hate. I see it in the faces of people in town, but your body will always want
me. I can make you feel so good. You know that, and so do I.”
    She didn’t fight him as he turned her around to face
him. Her back against the door, she watched him kneel down before her. Lash
removed the jeans from her body, exposing her to his gaze.
    His eyes never once left her face. He opened her
thighs, and only then did his gaze wander down her body. She wanted to cover her
fuller figure. Her thighs were thick, and she was sure they had a few dots of
cellulite. Lash gripped her thighs, firmly. He split open her body for him to
    Angel stared at his head and felt his fingers open
her pussy.
    “You’re going to have to get this waxed. I want my
woman to be bare. I don’t want any restriction in getting to you.”
    There was no way she was going to get her pubic hair
waxed. The thought alone made her feel sick. The sickness was soon replaced by
his very expert tongue.
    Crying out, Angel gazed down in time to see his
tongue circle her clit and then suck the whole nub into his mouth. She couldn’t
breathe. Hands flat behind her, Angel did everything she could to keep herself
    His hands moved from her pussy lips to grip her ass.
    “I’ll hold you steady, baby, open your lips for me.
I want you to offer your pussy to me.”
    She shook her head. There was no way she’d open
herself up to him. It was madness. It would be sheer madness to become
vulnerable to him.
    Still, she reached down between their bodies and
opened her pussy for him to devour. When it came to Lash she didn’t have any
wrong with me?
    “That’s it, baby. Give me what I want.”
    This tattoo-covered biker was making her lose
control, and she hated it. For most of her teenage years she’d always imagined
being with a guy who was like her. Who would be happy to stay out of the Fort
Wills business and to have a small family and earn enough to support themselves.
    She never thought she’d be considering giving

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