The Switch
brought his gaze to the dark golden length of her legs as they
gracefully unfolded from the car. Her skirt rode up to an indecent
height on her thigh as she stood, and he had to force his eyes to a
spot of oil on the concrete to keep from ogling her cleavage. His
effort was rewarded with a rich chuckle and a light, teasing tap of
the riding crop against his cheek.
    The ride in the cargo elevator seemed to
take forever. Grayson was just glad no one else got on. He was
fully hard, his cock jutting awkwardly in his stupid damned Han
Solo pants. When he moved to adjust himself, she made a ‘tsht’
sound with her teeth and swatted his hand away. Again with that
fucking crop.
    Finally, the heavy steel doors parted, and
he pulled the outer grate to the side, letting her exit the lift
first. When they reached the door at the end of a long hallway
filled with about a dozen other doors, she turned.
    Here? was his first reaction, and he
knew it must have shown on his face, because her eyes narrowed at
    Minutes later, his boots and every bit of
his costume were in a neatly stacked and folded pile in front of
her apartment door. He would have felt like a complete dipshit if
not for the way she circled him now.
    “Fingers laced behind your neck,” she
commanded softly. “And legs apart.”
    Something inside of him went hot and liquid
as he complied. He’d seen others treated this way at the club, but
had yet to find someone with whom he felt comfortable enough
himself. Now… now his own vulnerability slid through him like a
drug, and it had nothing to do with the fact that he was standing
bare-assed naked in her apartment hallway.
    She circled him once more, and Grayson found
himself hungering for her touch – a single finger, anywhere. But it
never came. When she came back into his line of sight, she toed his
pile of clothes and stepped aside.
    “Pick them up.”
    He felt her eyes on his backside as he bent
over. A smile pulled his lips and he jutted his ass out just a
little bit. She rewarded him with a quick snap on his left butt
    “Hey!” The sudden sting made him jump and
    Her eyebrows raised. “That wasn’t an
invitation?” she asked in a mocking tone.
    A sarcastic quip came to his tongue, but she
was clearly not joking. Straightening his back and looking down, he
answered contritely, “Only if it pleases you.”
    Her soft hum was almost inaudible as she ran
a gloved hand over the skin she’d just swatted. The softness of her
touch against his stinging flesh made his insides shiver, but then
it was gone.
    “We will try this again,” she said
    This time, he simply picked up his stack of
clothing and waited.
    Good lord, but he was beautiful. Marion
couldn’t remember ever being so turned on by the sight of a naked
    Granted, she’d been in a state of
semi-arousal all evening. But now, with him standing before her in
her hallway, completely nude and open to her will… she was wet.
Completely wet and heavy with heat.
    It would be hours before she gave either of
them satisfaction, which made it all the more sweet. That didn’t do
much for the sudden urge she had to run her tongue over the ridges
of his abdominal muscles, though. And, holy sweet Shiva, but he had
a package. Her mouth fairly watered at the ways she would torment
    Turning away, she used the few seconds it
took to unlock her apartment and disarm the security system to
collect herself. Only one night . Nothing more than a
birthday gift from a close friend. Her last scan of his client file
had shown that, for whatever reason, he’d barely used his
membership at Ten beyond observation and non-sexual
submission. She was simply here to rectify that. It was the least
she could do, considering he’d probably be terminating his contract
after tonight. Good business, that’s all it was.
    Wordlessly, she led him through the entrance
and the living room to the bedroom suite in the back of

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