The Tapestry

The Tapestry by Paul Wigmore Read Free Book Online

Book: The Tapestry by Paul Wigmore Read Free Book Online
Authors: Paul Wigmore
substance heralded from its ooze. He pulled his hand free.
       ‘How do you feel?’ asked Saul
        ‘I feel good’ replied Gavin as he laid his hand on the door knob again. This time it turned.
                                                        CHAPTER NINE
        Aha... I see the bedside lamp is still keeping you company, don’t tell me it’s just to help you read. We both know its true purpose. You want to see the shadows when they come for you... and who can blame you? But think on this. Do you really want to see the shadows in all their glory, knowing they are coming for you? Do you really want to see the armies of hell marching to your door with nothing but bloodlust in their feverish twisted minds, or would it be better to sit in blind ignorance: I hear they say it is bliss.
        Maybe you think you’ll be able to run away like the scared little rabbit that you are? But rabbits are often frozen in the oncoming headlights that become portents of its very doom.
        Well don’t worry; I’m keeping the shadows from your door a little while longer. After all, I can’t tell my story to a corpse now can I? Well maybe I could but I don’t think it would be as much fun. No I am only visiting with you again to tell you the story of Clara.
        Clara had seen a lot of terrible things in her fifty years on Gods Earth and a lot of beautiful things. Unfortunately for her the terrible outweighed the beautiful as Clara had a gift that had been passed on through the family line. She was what some of us might call a psychic or a fortune teller.
        She didn't like to think of herself as a “fortune teller” or a “psychic”, as the majority of people that advertised these sorts of services were all scam artists preying on the vulnerable and weak to make a bit of cash. She had a real gift although more often than not it was like a curse. She could converse with the spirits of ones that had passed on but with so much more detail and accuracy than any of these gypsy funfair types that gave the same vague reading to everyone that passed through their curtains.
        She lived in a very affluent part of Manchester as her clients had always paid top dollar for her services because they knew they would only ever hear the truth from her, whether it be good or bad.
        This had also been her curse though. Her grandmother had also possessed the same gift and she had told Clara.
        ‘There will be times when the truth must never be spoken; no good can come of it my child. Sometimes the knowledge of the truth can do more damage than the truth itself’.
        Clara had never really grasped the true meaning of this until three years ago when she decided to stop giving readings. One of her younger clients came to her with suspicions that her husband had been cheating on her. She will always remember the look of hope on the young girls face. She wanted Clara to tell her that she was wrong, but lies were not what her clients paid her for. Clara had told her to come back to her in a week and she would have an answer for her. Clara had a number of gifts and one of them was the ability to astral travel. She would sit in her comfy chair by the fireplace without a sound to distract her. She would then begin to control her breathing and bring it down to the bare minimum. It was a lmost a hypnotic state. What Clara did over the course of the next few days was to leave her body in the chair by the fireplace and visit her clients’ house. She had learned to do this through teachings from her spirit guide Joseph. There was always an astral cord which connected the physical body to the spirit which could not be broken by any earthly means. But if the cord was somehow snapped and the spirit didn't return to the body in time then it would surely mean death. And there are all sorts of entities on the astral

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