The Treasure

The Treasure by Jennifer Lowery Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: The Treasure by Jennifer Lowery Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Lowery
Tags: Suspense, Romance
    In the bedroom again, she paced back and forth across the bare floor. How could she be exhausted and wired at the same time? Something thumped lightly outside her door, stopping her midstride.
    She knew what it was, had seen it in Brody’s hands. She hurried to the door, took a deep breath, opened it, and prepared to face Brody. But he wasn’t there. Only her suitcase. With a sigh of relief, she grabbed it and set it inside the door before closing it.
    She dropped down on the bed, exhausted. Brody Kern turned her upside down. She reached for her purse and pulled out the map so she could carefully unfold it on her lap.
    Staring down at it, she spoke softly, “Oh, Aunt Pan, what am I going to do? I don’t know who to trust. So far, I’ve made the wrong choices and I don’t think Brody is going to help me. I don’t know where to go from here. I’m not like my sisters. Why did you give this to
    Tracing the delicately drawn lines on the map, she let out a soft breath. There really were only two alternatives. Go home or stay and find a way to the red crescent moon marked on the map. Amelia smiled. Aunt Pandora didn’t mark
with a red X like most; she marked it with a symbol. Everything her aunt did strayed from the norm. It was what Amelia respected most about her. She had always gone her own way, regardless what anyone thought.
    “Why can’t I be more like you?” Amelia whispered. She traced the shape with her fingertip. If she went home, it would prove her sisters right; she was chasing a pipe dream, and Aunt Pandora really was a crazy old woman. If she left now, she would never know if she could do it. She would once again fail in her attempt to be strong and adventurous. And she so wanted this adventure. To let go, to
. Not go back to her ordinary life with her ordinary routines. She had the strength to get on that plane. Did she have what it took to finish this?
    “Yes, I do,” she said to the empty room, spirits rising. She could do this without the help of anyone. It couldn’t be that hard to follow a map. The markings were very clear. She had a jungle survival book in her suitcase and everything she needed in her bag. A plane would get her to the first landmark faster than on foot, but she was in no hurry. This was her vacation. Caroline had David, Amelia’s back-up, as acting chef until Amelia returned and Brit would be home soon to help out at the B & B, so she wasn’t on any time constraint.
    Confidence rising, Amelia refolded the map and jumped to her feet. First thing tomorrow morning, she would begin her journey.

Chapter Six
    Amelia came down the stairs the next morning with a bounce in her step. Her decision to venture out on her own had changed her whole outlook.
    Shifting her bag from one hand to the other, she landed lightly on the cement floor. Sunlight shone through the windows and improved her mood even more. The rain had stopped. She wouldn’t be delayed and navigating the jungle would be easier.
    Since Brody hadn’t been upstairs when she got up, she assumed he was down here somewhere. A half pot of coffee had been waiting for her and she enjoyed a cup before gathering her things. It might be her last cup for a while, since she had no instant for the trail.
    Brody stood beside a red and white plane, tool in hand, dark head bent as he worked on the engine. A white panel lay on the floor beneath the wing along with a battered toolbox. He was concentrating so hard on what he was doing she didn’t think he heard her come down. Her breath caught seeing him so intent.
    Blushing, Amelia decided not to bother him. Maybe if she was really quiet, she could sneak out the back door. Then she’d be out of his way and he could go on with his life. He made it clear he didn’t want her there anyway so this was best for both of them.
    Halfway to the door, his voice rang through the hangar. “Where are you going?”
    Amelia froze mid-tiptoe. “Out.”

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