The Treasure

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Book: The Treasure by Jennifer Lowery Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Lowery
Tags: Suspense, Romance
rumors and decided to check the source.”
    Brody rubbed a hand across his forehead. “You heard about the map?”
    “And the redhead flashing it all over town. Also heard you turned her down when she asked for help.”
    Unable to escape Galo’s dark, knowing gaze Brody walked over to the Land Rover and opened the back. “She was supposed to leave town.”
    “Because you told her to?”
    Brody bristled. “I suggested it.”
    “She is much like her predecessor, then?”
    “Too much,” Brody muttered.
    “So it is true, there is a map?”
    Brody pulled out Amelia’s bag. “It’s true.”
    “Pandora drew it?”
    Brody shrugged. “Supposedly.”
    “Then she found it. Just like she said she would. Wonder if she found the buried treasure.”
    “There is no buried treasure.”
    Galo sent him a wise smile. “Still singing the same tune, are you?”
    “Someone would have found it by now.”
    “Many have looked.”
    “And no one besides Pandora ever found
. Sounds like a wild goose chase to me.”
    Galo joined him at the truck, his leathery face thoughtful. “Maybe she was meant to find it. And now her kin is destined to unbury the treasure.”
    “That would be true if the whole town didn’t know about the map.”
    “Ah,” Galo murmured with a nod. “You are her protector. I am glad you came to your senses. Imagine what would happen to her if you hadn’t.”
    With a scowl, Brody closed the door. He already witnessed the consequences of his refusal. “I’m not fond of déjà vu and this feels exactly like six years ago.”
    Galo shook his head, long graying braid swaying. “No, this is different.”
    Brody knew better than to contradict the old Indian. He had a way of knowing things and he was rarely wrong. He was also the only man on earth Brody trusted. “Feels the same,” he said, but Galo was staring at the loft.
    “She brings something different,” he murmured, then nodded and turned a grin on Brody. “Good luck, my friend.” With a wave, he turned and ambled toward the door.
    Frowning, Brody glanced up at the loft to see Amelia standing in the window. When she saw him, she turned away.
    Galo stopped at the door. “Any sign of your partner?”
    Brody grimaced. “No. But his bookie promised to only bust one of my kneecaps if I paid him his money by the end of the week.”
    “Maybe it would be wise to accept the redhead’s offer. Help her find
. She may be persuaded to split the bounty when you find the treasure.”
    When they found the treasure.
Brody was tired of hearing about the damn treasure. Too many people had been hurt by this ridiculous quest for fame and fortune. He wasn’t adding Amelia Sawyer to the list. The last couple to go looking had never been found. The jungle had a way of swallowing people and never giving them back. Pandora was lucky her guide had a satellite phone and GPS, or else she, too, would have become a victim of the Amazon.
    “The redhead might be the answer to your problems, my friend,” Galo said, and walked out the door.
    Answer to his problems. Galo made a good point. Jeremy’s creditors weren’t going to forgive his debts and Brody was rather fond of his kneecaps. Miss Sawyer was in need of a bodyguard and he had experience in that sort of thing. She was a paying customer and he needed the work. She had a map. What would it hurt to follow it? One way or another, the mystery of
would be laid to rest. He may even come out a rich man and be able to pay off his partner’s debts.
    What was the harm in that?
    • • •
    Oh, she was such a fool. Brody hadn’t been quiet when he went downstairs. His footsteps echoed through the small home. It wasn’t until she heard voices downstairs that she came out of the bedroom. Thinking it was the Torres brothers or Mr. Newton, she had to go see. Now, he knew she was eavesdropping even though she couldn’t hear what he and the leather-skinned man were saying.
    Could this day get any

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