The Unforgettable Ex (Captured by Love Book 5) (Volume 5)
misunderstanding on both your parts—you thinking Gavin only sees you as a friend nowadays and Gavin thinking you’re with Leo.”
    “Oh, Cass,” Natasha said, reaching over to give her friend a hug. How lucky was she that this woman would be her sister-in-law?
    “So you’ve broken up with Leo...” Lexie said.
    Natasha nodded and told the girls the full story, including the part about Gavin coming to her rescue. “I didn’t want to hope because I didn’t want to get disappointed. But the way Gavin acted that night, and the look he gave me, kinda makes me think that he has started to feel something for me again beyond friendship.”
    “What I don’t understand is why you were hiding your past relationship,” Marilyn said.
    Natasha looked down at her plate. “I made Gavin promise that we’d keep it to ourselves so we could focus on getting our friendship back on track. Truth was, I was so devastated that I hadn’t wanted to talk about those ten months ever again. It hurt too much.” She relayed everything, including Amber’s disappearance and her belief that Amber was the love of Gavin’s life.
    Her friends were shocked.
    “That’s horrible. And she’s still missing?” Jade asked.
    “I believe so.”
    “I did ask Carter about it and he confirmed that Amber hasn’t been found,” Cassie said. “He said that for at least a year now, certain sections of the police believe that she’s been killed already. There haven’t been any new clues or leads at all for years.”
    Natasha placed her fingers on her lips, her eyes watering. Poor Amber. And it couldn’t have been easy for her loved ones... including Gavin.
    A thought hit her. “Do you think that Amber being presumed dead for a year  now is the reason why Gavin’s ready to move on? Because it’s given him some form of closure?”
    “I think that makes sense,” Cassie said. “So now maybe he realises the two of you had a good thing going back then.”
    “But if it’s me he wants, why is he going out with someone else?”
    “I think the reason for that is purely the fact that you were going out with Leo,” Cassie answered.
    “Really? What makes you think that?”
    “Well, the night before Brad and Erin’s party, I wanted to surprise Carter in his study.”
    “Ooh, in sexy lingerie, I bet,” Jade teased.
    “Of course!” Cassie said to everyone’s laughter. “Anyway, he was sitting in his chair, but it was swivelled so his back was to the door. He was talking on the phone to Gavin and I could hear they were discussing the possibility of Brad proposing to Erin.”
    Erin snickered. “They love to speculate about other people’s love lives as much as we do, don’t they?”
    “I know! So I walked in, confident I wasn’t interrupting a work conversation, when he suddenly asked Gavin how he felt about Tash bringing a date to the party. I don’t know what answer Gavin gave him, but Carter’s response was that Gavin shouldn’t be disheartened because he didn’t think Tash and Leo were serious.”
    Natasha gasped. “That’s similar to the conversation they had in the archives room!” She told them about what she’d overheard.
    “There you go,” Cassie said with a smug grin. “And since we had an agreement...”
    “What does Carter think?” she pressed. “Surely, he’d know how Gavin feels for me.”
    Cassie exhaled loudly. “It’s funny, really, because even though he said to Gavin not to lose hope when it comes to you, he doesn’t want me encouraging you to get back together with Gavin. He wouldn’t tell me why, but I think he’s trying to shield you from possible heartache in case Gavin might be getting serious with this new girl he’s going out with. But I think Carter’s just being an overprotective brother, whereas I’d rather you take whatever opportunity you have with Gavin now. I don’t want you to regret it later, when it’s too late.”
    “Aw, thanks, Cass. Has Carter met this woman Gavin’s dating?”

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