The Vampire and the Virgin

The Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks Read Free Book Online

Book: The Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kerrelyn Sparks
“Where are ye stationed?”
    “Kansas City. You?”
    “Wherever they need me. So ye really are a black belt in tae kwon do?”
    He’d doubted her? She planted a hand on her hip. “I’ve been thoroughly trained in self-defense, Mr. MacKay.”
    A corner of his mouth dimpled. “My friends call me Robby.”
    Her heart pounded. “Are you calling me a friend?”
    “Aye.” He reached out and touched a strand of her hair that had escaped from the clip on the back of her
    head. “Does yer hair curl like this naturally?”
    “I’m afraid so. It’s impossible to deal with.”
    “I like it.” He tugged on the strand till it was taut, then let go, and it bounced back into its normal corkscrew
    shape. He grinned. “A man could play with yer hair for hours.” He touched her temple.
    With a gulp, she stepped back. “I—I should check on my uncles. Would you like something to drink? Some
    hot tea?”
    He lowered his hand. “I’m fine, thank you.”
    “I’ll be right back.” She dashed into the house and quickly set some water to boil on the stove. Chicken, she
    chided herself. She should have let him touch her, maybe even kiss her. But how could she trust him? She was
    so attracted to him, but as far as she knew, he was simply looking for a little fling to spice up his vacation.
    She’d never been the type to indulge in a fling. Growing up with the ability to detect lies had caused her to
    avoid anything that smacked of insincerity. Besides, she would only be on the island for two weeks. Was that
    enough time to forge an honest, meaningful relationship? Did she dare even try it with a man she couldn’t
    read? The unknown could be scary, but also very exciting.
    She peered through the windowpane in the back door. He was still in the courtyard, amusing himself by
    peering through the telescope. Robby MacKay, a soldier on leave. She wondered how badly he’d been injured.
    She fixed her cup of tea and carried it back to the courtyard. When he smiled at her, her heart stuttered. She
    was seriously falling fast.
    She sat at the table and motioned for him to join her. “Are you sure I can’t get you something to drink or eat?”
    “I ate before I came.” He sat beside her.
    She liked the way his red hair glinted in the candlelight. It seemed rather long for a soldier, but it was neatly
    tied back. “How long will you be on Patmos?”
    “About three more weeks.” He hesitated a moment, then continued. “I’m ready to go back now, but my boss
    disagrees. He thinks I was traumatized or some such nonsense.”
    “Post-traumatic stress syndrome.” Olivia sipped some hot tea. “It’s very common among soldiers.”
    He shrugged one shoulder. “’Tis much ado about nothing. I know life is no’ fair. There’s no point in whining
    about it.”
    about it.”
    She gave him a worried look. “Sometimes it’s healthier to talk things out. Repression can lead to serious
    side effects down the road, and I don’t just mean emotional outbursts. It can affect your physical health.”
    He shot her an annoyed look. “I’m perfectly fine. And hell will freeze over before I’ll talk to a damned
    She sucked in a quick intake of air. Her cup wobbled in her hand, and she set it down on the table.
    He frowned at her. “What’s wrong?”
    Everything was wrong. Her heart plummeted into her stomach. She should have known this couldn’t last.
    His eyes narrowed with suspicion. He jumped to his feet and crossed the courtyard. “Bloody hell,” he
    whispered. He turned back to her, regarding her with a look of horror. “Ye’re a psychologist?”
    She nodded slowly. “I think hell just froze over.” For both of them.
    She nodded slowly. “I think hell just froze over.” For both of them.

Chapter Four
    R obby paced across the courtyard. “Bugger. Bloody hell.”
    He glanced at Olivia, and a mixture of anger and futility surged through him. Damn it to hell. Just when he had
    his hopes up, everything came

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