The Whisper Box

The Whisper Box by Roger Olivieri Read Free Book Online

Book: The Whisper Box by Roger Olivieri Read Free Book Online
Authors: Roger Olivieri
Mac. “Number two, I waited until now because our government, our protective governing body, watched me for over a month. They watch anyone and everyone that spends more than one hour in the White House for at least a month, especially old employees after they quit. Number three, I was not canned, Mac. My mother died that year. I was very upset. They asked me if I needed to be released from my duties. Basically, that meant I could either resign or get fired. At the White House, unless you are one of those employees who can do no wrong, you either work or you lose your job. I decided to resign. I thought resigning would accomplish two things: First, I was not burning any bridges. Secondly, I needed to get out of there. It was my chance to leave without anyone suspecting me of anything.”
    McFarland raised his eyebrows, “So, you got your name all over the papers, the United States Government is looking everywhere in the world for you and you want me to just stroll down to your apartment, unlock the door, poke around in your personal belongings, take a stack of pictures and videos with me when I walk out, and come back here? Are you crazy?”
    Laura Greene still had not figured that one out yet. She stared at her feet, realizing it would be very difficult to get McFarland or anyone else in and out without notice. She was ashamed that she had not thought of a way to get the stuff out of there before going to anyone. “Damn,” she uttered. Then she looked up. “So what the hell are we going to do Mac? I came to you for help. I mean, it's my place, it's my stuff, and you are my lawyer. I can legally take my stuff from my place, can't I?”
    Mac took a deep breath. “Yes, it is all legal, it is your stuff, but I'm worried about taking a bullet in the back of the head. That stuff does go on, you should know that, we are two little roaches to them. They can step on us whenever they want. We need to create some sort of a diversion. Mainly, we need for everyone to think you are somewhere else. The FBI, police, media, everyone will go there. Then I will go to your apartment. Anyway, by the time they figure out it was a false alarm, I'll be out, along with the evidence.”
    Laura had seen a million movies with scenarios like this and often wondered how someone could make all these important decisions so quickly. The chips were down. This was no murder case in which McFarland could make a decision as the case wore on. He could not delay hearings.
    Mac started speaking again. “Listen, I'll call my brother in Philadelphia. He is the most trusting soul on the planet...”
    Laura interrupted, “ No ! This is between us. You call your brother, or anyone else and I swear, Mac, you will never see me again.”
    Just then Michael came through the door with a stuffed bag bearing the logo of Pat's Deli. Laura told Mac to send Michael home for the rest of the week. No excuses, no alternative. Mac walked to the front desk, handed Michael all the money in his wallet, which amounted to four hundred and thirty two dollars, and told him to go home.
    Mac made it quite clear that he was serious as he explained, “Mike, take the week. If I find out you tell anyone about my new client you will not have a job here, or anywhere else. On the other hand, if you keep your mouth shut, you will be the richest twenty-two-year-old college student in the country. Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn't it? I'll need you and I trust you'll enjoy being in the position you'll be in soon. But, for now, go home, buddy. Rest up. Take care of any personal business you can and spend time with your girlfriend. I have a feeling that neither of us will have much of a life outside this office for a while.”
    Michael smiled, winked at Mac and said, “Sir, I love working with you. I'll do whatever you need me to do, whenever you need me to do it. Keep me posted.” He patted his boss on the right arm and walked out the door.
    Mac told Laura that he admired Michael more than

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