Their Ex's Redrock Serial Bundle 1-4

Their Ex's Redrock Serial Bundle 1-4 by Shirl Anders Read Free Book Online

Book: Their Ex's Redrock Serial Bundle 1-4 by Shirl Anders Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shirl Anders
Tags: Contemporary Romance, wedding, second chance, multicultural romance
revealed about her, and her marriage. But overriding those feelings was the fact Vincent picked that to comment about. He was thinking about her first. Not the crazy thing going on between Steven and Luna.
    “He’s lying.”
    Tess turned her gaze back up to Vincent ... he was really close, and she fought the need to lean into him. “Luna’s only talent is her pussy, and even that’s sorry.”
    She wondered if he were trying to make her feel better, because she didn’t. At all. Luna’s only talent’s in bed. Luna had sounded pretty good up on that balcony. What bothered Tess was how much more it bothered her hearing Vincent talking about Luna’s pussy. His wife.
    It was very good she and Vincent were cooling it.
    “So talk,” she demanded, setting her phone down ... glad a second later when Vincent stopped touching her.
    Vincent looked at Tess’ long red hair with the dark blue drop-ceiling light over the island hitting it in different rich shades of red. Tess had some fucking hair when it was dried, curling, and waving down to her shoulder blades, and it was thick.
    He’d felt that when he’d had her on top of him, pulling her up and down off his cock. She’d had no fucking rhythm, so he’d done all the work, and she’d rode deep on every one of his hard thrusts, making sexy noises for more and harder. Tess Navarro liked it rough. So did he.
    But he’d not seen her hair up close, nor her long, shapely legs in a ruffled skirt. Those legs had clamped his ass and up around his head twice. Once when he was eating her and once when he'd pulled her legs up that way, fucking her pretty pussy with its trim strip of red hair. Hell, that strip of fluff had mesmerized him. He’d not seen a trim like it before, leaving the pink beneath a visible bare, soft slit.
    He pulled his hand from her nape and through her thick hair. Hell, he needed to get his head straight. Stop looking at Tess Navarro. How many times had he found a reason to be close to her or touch her? Too damn many. He knew he’d hurt her talking about Luna’s pussy. He’d not meant it that way, but he’d seen the soft pink of Tess’ lips pulling down.
    He stepped away with her sky-blue eyes watching him when he put a stool between them by sitting the next one over.
    “I fucked up and put Luna on the board of Whitehorse Endowment,” he stated flatly. “WE controls Whitehorse Training and Security Facility for women.”
    Tess leaned his way, looking serious, as he finished. “Luna gets wind I’m cutting her loose before I tie up this mistake, she will make those charities suffer.”
    He knew what Tess meant, being amazed anyone would try to mess up charities for their own personal gain. “Yeah, she’s that bitchy if she thinks she’s losing something, as in attention first and money second.” He paused and ground his chin with his palm. He’d known a long time he’d made a mistake putting her on the board, back in better times between them. Back when she’d put sex to good use, getting him to do it. “She’ll do it because she knows it is the only fucking thing that will hurt me.”
    “Are you stuck, then?” Tess asked softly, and he appreciated the fact she was being soft with him and looking worried for him.
    “Yeah, beautiful. But I have a plan.”
    Then Tess surprised him by instantly offering, “I’ll wait ... whatever you need, Vincent.”
    She didn’t make it easy for him to stay away from her. Navarro was a stupid moron giving her sweetness up for crazy-assed Luna.
    “Thanks,” he muttered on a low note, and her gaze got softer on him.
    “Can’t stay here, though,” she whispered.
    “Just tonight,” he ordered, then added incentive. “I’ll figure something you’ll approve of after that.”
    It took her a minute, searching him with those sky blues of hers, but then she nodded slowly and did a kitten stretch that nearly had him on her. “I am really tired. Probably shouldn’t drive.”
    He managed a

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