Their Merry Little Christmas (Love Square)

Their Merry Little Christmas (Love Square) by Jessica Ingro Read Free Book Online

Book: Their Merry Little Christmas (Love Square) by Jessica Ingro Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Ingro
yourself. Your fiancé is quite the looker.”
    “He is, isn’t he,” Kara sighs and wraps her arms around my waist, resting her head on my chest.
    “Let me take your bags.” I grab their suitcases and bring them down the hall, leaving Kara to have a few moments with her parents before we go to dinner.
    After setting their suitcases in the guest room, I grab my wallet and keys from our bedroom and head out to the living room.
    Rounding the doorway into the hall, I abruptly stop when Kara ’s father blocks the way. He stands there with his arms crossed and silently stares at me. My throat works as I attempt to swallow. I feel like I’m meeting the boogeyman in a dark alleyway.
    “Sir?” I ask when he doesn’t speak right away. I can feel his eyes as they assess me, and I hope I don’t come up lacking. I couldn’t bear for her parents not to like me. I know she’s too good for me, but I plan on spending the rest of my life busting my ass to be worthy of her.
    “I just wanted to thank you, son. Kara is our world, whether she believes that or not. If you hadn’t been there for her when that animal attacked her…” His eyes glaze over and his words drift off like he’s imagining the worst. He clears his throat and continues, “Let’s just say, I don’t know how we would have handled that. I believe she’s in good hands with you and I couldn’t be happier that the two of you are getting married. Welcome to the family.”
    He shakes my hand again, and I feel a weight lift off my shoulders. It feels good to have her parents ’ approval.
    “Thank you, sir. I promise I’ll always take care of her.”
    “I believe that. Now let’s go to dinner. I could eat a horse, I’m so damn hungry.”
    “Then we should definitely get going.” I let out a little chuckle and hold my arm out, signaling for him to precede me down the hall.
    Lying on my back, Kara ’s head rests on my chest. Her fingers draw random patterns on my chest. The moonlight streams in through the window, highlighting the beauty of her. My hand tightens on her hip, thinking about having her naked body fully displayed in the moonlight.
    “My parents are definitely in love with you,” she speaks softly into the silence.
    “I’m glad. They seem like good people. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better over the next week or so.” I’m still a little fuzzy on how long her parents are staying with us after Christmas. Kara asked them at dinner tonight, but her mother changed the subject.
    “Dinner went well. I think my dad really liked the restaurant. Taking him somewhere that he could get a giant steak was a good idea.”
    “Sunshine, he’s a man. Of course I knew steak would go over well.” I chuckle at her observation.
    “Well, whatever.” She huffs before going back to drawing on my chest with her fingertips.
    Dinner did go rather well. After her father surprised the shit out of me by giving me his blessing, it was easy to be relaxed with him and Maggie. I even learned a little more about Fiona and their unconventional relationship, thanks to her parents’ loose lips. I can see why Kara squirms and gets upset whenever she’s confronted with the oddity of their marriage. They are just so open and forthcoming with details that most people would find extremely personal. At one point, I cringed when I thought her mother was going to explain the physicality of some of their encounters with Fiona… if you catch my drift.
    “I can’t believe you’re getting the girls each a puppy.” Kara thankfully breaks me from thoughts about kinky threesomes and her parents.
    “They should each have their own. That way they won’t fight over the thing and they’ll both have to learn some responsibility.”
    Kara laughs and reminds me that my sister is going to kill me. “Emma is not going to be happy with you. I sent her a text asking for the phone number of the breeders so that I could talk to them myself. I figured we

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