Thicker Than Water (The Briar Creek Vampires Book #2) by Jayme Morse & Jody Morse

Thicker Than Water (The Briar Creek Vampires Book #2) by Jayme Morse & Jody Morse by Jayme Morse Read Free Book Online

Book: Thicker Than Water (The Briar Creek Vampires Book #2) by Jayme Morse & Jody Morse by Jayme Morse Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jayme Morse
accident. I also saw him earlier when I was with
    “Lexi, I think maybe I owe you an apology,” Dan
said. “I never should have been so pushy. I just really liked you.
I didn’t mean to disrespect your feelings. I hope that you can
forgive me.”
    Violet looked back and forth between the two of
them, her confusion obvious from the expression on her face, but
she didn’t say anything. Lexi wasn’t sure why she was so confused,
considering she was part of the reason Dan had been so
    “It’s okay, Dan,” Lexi said, putting on a fake
smile. “No hard feelings.” She glanced at the clock. “Well, I
better go upstairs to work on my homework. I have lots to do, with
it being the first day. See you all later. Bye, Dan.”
    Before any of them could say anything else, she
headed upstairs.
    When Lexi was in her room, she noticed that her
window was wide open. The breeze was swiftly blowing the purple
satin curtains. She was positive that the window had been closed
that morning when she had left for school.
    Lexi groaned. Violet had probably been snooping
around in her room. Pulling up the mattress, Lexi felt for Austin’s
journal that she had put there before the accident. She breathed a
sigh of relief. Violet hadn’t found the journal (at least, Lexi
didn’t think she had). When she put the mattress back in its place,
Lexi spotted the small white envelope that was lying on her purple
satin comforter.
    The envelope had her name scrolled across it in
neat, red cursive handwriting that she didn’t recognize.
    Lexi picked up the envelope and pulled out the
piece of paper that was folded up inside. It read: Be
careful .
    She examined the handwriting, which was still
written in the same cursive style. Usually, she could tell if
handwriting belonged to a girl or a guy. This handwriting gave her
no indication, though. The letters weren’t dotted with hearts like
a girl would do and they didn’t have the girlish bubbly roundness,
and the handwriting wasn’t as sloppy as most guys would write
either. In fact, it was very neat and looked professional – almost
as if someone had copied it out of a calligraphy book.
    What Lexi wondered was how the person had put
the note in her bedroom. There was no way Violet had put the
envelope there. She would have read it, and there was no way she
would want Lexi to know that she could be in danger.
    Someone could have climbed up the lattice
outside her bedroom and crawled in through the open window, but how
would they have gotten into the window? Lexi always left it
    Lexi sighed. She had no idea who had sent her
the note, but they were obviously right. She knew that at the three
people she had heard talking about her at Julie’s house were all
obviously out to get her. Mrs. Lawrence also seemed to have it in
for her, but Lexi had a feeling that she wasn’t the one who had put
the letter here. It didn’t seem like her style.
    There was only one thing that would work to
Lexi’s benefit. They had no idea that she was aware of their plan
and that, when the time would come, she would be prepared for
    Lexi overslept the next morning. When she woke
up, Mary-Kate was already downstairs waiting for her, drinking
coffee with Violet. They were both laughing with bright smiles on
their faces. Lexi remembered that Mary-Kate had told her that
although she didn’t like Violet, she tried to be nice to her while
Austin was alive because his mom had to approve of all of his
girlfriends. Now that Austin was gone, why was she being so nice to
her now, though?
    That’s when Lexi realized something strange.
This was the first time she had seen Mary-Kate and Violet together.
Before the accident Violet seemed to really dislike Mary-Kate also.
Maybe she had decided to give her a chance, since she had saved
Lexi’s life.
    “Ready to go?” Mary-Kate asked brightly when
she saw her.
    “Yeah,” Lexi muttered, grabbing her
    “Have a fantabulous day at

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