Thumper's Friend Part 1

Thumper's Friend Part 1 by Jack Allen Read Free Book Online

Book: Thumper's Friend Part 1 by Jack Allen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jack Allen
Tags: Erótica
rolled on her back and spread her legs.   Her hand went down to her pussy.
          “I know what you’re good at,” she said.   “I think I want you to make love to me now.”
          Scott put his hand on her crotch next to hers.   She already had a finger in her pussy.   He pushed his in, too.   Casey groaned.   He pulled his finger out and squeezed her tit.
          “You can put the condom on now,” he said, and handed her the packet.
          “Thank God,” she said with relief.   She tore it open like there was a winning lottery ticket inside.   She lifted his cock in one hand and rolled it down with her other hand in only a few moment, giving him a perfectly fitting latex sheath with just enough at the tip for a generous load of cum.
          Scott was amazed again.   It would appear there was nothing this girl couldn’t do.   If he had enough time, he would teach her every trick he knew.
          When she was done she laid back again, fingering her pussy between her spread legs.   Her other hand was stroking his covered cock.
          “It won’t hurt this time, will it?” she said.
          “It’ll hurt,” Scott said as he moved over her.   Her eyes followed him.   “But you want it to hurt, don’t you?”
          “No.   I don’t like it to hurt,” she said, shaking her head.   Kneeling between her legs, Scott grabbed her by her hips and flipped her over.   “What are you doing?” Casey cried.   She struggled to look back at him over her shoulder.   “Aren’t you going to ... Aren’t you going to fuck me?”
          “I’m going to fuck you,” Scott growled.   He was kneeling between her wide spread legs.   His latex-encased cock stood boldly out in front of him.   Her ass was so gorgeous, so small and perfectly shaped, as if it had been carved by a master sculptor with a lecherous passion for young girls.   Scott laid his hand on her bare cheek and stroked gently.
          “I’ll fuck you whenever I want to,” he said, surprising himself at his angry tone of voice, and immediately slapped her ass hard.   Casey shrieked and nearly jumped off the bed, but then was very still, limp and lank.   Scott left his palm over her cheek.   She began to tremble.   She wasn’t trying to look at him anymore, just stared straight ahead.   Her sexy mane of hair draped over her shoulders, twisted and mussed like it was windblown.   Scott knew he would run his fingers through that hair and pull on it and use it like a horse’s reins.   He knew how Casey would respond, too.   She would beg him to take.
          He raised his hand again.   She tensed perceptibly, anticipating the strike.   He brought his hand down with a loud smack.   Casey screamed and dropped her head into the pillow, whimpering.
          “Oh please, please, please, fuck me now, fuck me, please,” she pleaded in a sobbing voice that was muffled by the pillow.   Scott smiled.   She would do anything for him by then.
          Suddenly the door opened and Mr. Turner poked his head in.   He saw Scott on his knees over his daughter, who was face down on the bed, spread eagle.   Scott looked up at the man but did not move or lift his hand from the girl’s ass.   Casey raised her head and turned to the door.   Scott could the pout on her lips but could not see her eyes.   Her bangs hung over them like a sheepdog.   She was still trembling.
          “Are you hitting my daughter?” Mr. Turner said, looking stern.
          “Yes,” Scott said.
          “Oh.   Ok,” Mr. Turner said, his expression changing.   He sniffed the air once, then backed out the door and closed it.
          Scott grinned.   Was the man having second thoughts about what he had agreed to subject his daughter to? Scott didn’t care.   Mr. Turner’s little girl was spread out naked an panting in front of him and he was going to fuck her hard.   He pulled her

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