Tied to a Boss

Tied to a Boss by J.L Rose Read Free Book Online

Book: Tied to a Boss by J.L Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.L Rose
    “Come with me; we need to talk.”
    Allowing Alinna to lead him from the front room into the open bedroom door, which was completely empty, Dante turned facing her as she stepped around him closing the bedroom door.
    “Dante what the hell are you doing?” Alinna started off with much attitude. “Why the hell would you agree to give those two half of your money? That don’t make any damn sense.”
    “Shorty relax for a …”
    “Don’t tell me to fucking relax,” she cut Dante off and then shoved him in the chest.
    “What type of homeboy’s are they if they cut you out like that?”
    “They’re more business friends then any kind of friends,” Dante told her smirking. “Don’t get me wrong, we all hang out and get money together, but it’s really Dre that’s more like my brother. We do our thing together. Every once in a while we all hook up for a major hit if one comes up where me and Dre need backup, which isn’t often.”
    “So you just wanna give their asses your money?” Alinna asked, placing her hands on her curvy and spread hips.
    “I’m plotting on something bigger,” Dante admitted but then added. “But I wanna holla at you about this idea that I been thinking about, you wanna listen or what?”
    Staring up at Dante holding his eyes a moment Alinna sucked her teeth as she folded her arms across her chest. “This shit better be worth me listening.”
    * * *
    Walking back out into the front room after they finished talking, Alinna noticed both Tony T and Vegas were gone and Dre was standing outside on the balcony talking on his cell phone.
    Nodding her head at Dante, motioning that he was going out to talk to Dre, Alinna walked back over to the soft couch and sat down beside Vanessa only to hear Amber ask, “Hey, what’s going on? Why are you pulling pretty boy gangster off to the side like that instead of just talking in front of us?”
    “I’m about to explain that now,” Alinna looked from Amber to Harmony to Vanessa. “I need y’all to really hear me out and think about what I’m about to tell y’all because what me and Dante just finished discussing. If we all agree to this it just may help solve all of our problems.”
    “What the hell are you talking about, Alinna?” Vanessa asked staring at Alinna with a what-the-hell’s-going-on stare.

    Chapter 6
    Seeing the same clowns as before when they came to pick up their re-up package from Kenny K’s ass at the same trap house, only this time to see Kenny K outside with his clowns, Alinna waited until Vanessa parked the Lexus Truck, then they both climbed out.
    Walking around the back end of the truck just as Vanessa was closing the driver’s door, Alinna saw the surprised look on Kenny K’s face as she and Vanessa entered the front gate.
    “What the fuck are you two doing here?” Kenny K asked turning towards both Alinna and Vanessa as she stood on the porch with his face balled up. “I don’t remember telling you or this he-she bitch to come around my spot.”
    “Kenny K, look,” Alinna told him ignoring the way he was talking to them. “We’re here to tell you that it’s over. We’re done fucking with you and dealing with your bullshit.”
    “Bitch, what’d you say?” Kenny K barked at Alinna stepping off the porch. Walking up to Alinna. “Bitch, who the fuck do you think you talking to?”
    “You heard what the fuck I said, Kenny K,” Alinna told him, staring hard inside of his eyes.
    “Bitch, you must have forgot …” Stopping confused, he watched as his boy’s got chopped up, and looking to the right only to see a large guy holding an AR-15 who was the cause of his boy’s being chopped up like Swiss cheese.
    Feeling the recognizable feeling of a gun at the back of his head, Kenny K froze, and heard, “Turn your punk ass around, nigga.”
    Doing as he was ordered, Kenny K slowly turned around only to face off with a light brown-skinned guy he never saw before in his life. “Man who the

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