To Charm A Billionaire (Men of Monaco Book 1)

To Charm A Billionaire (Men of Monaco Book 1) by Michelle Monkou Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: To Charm A Billionaire (Men of Monaco Book 1) by Michelle Monkou Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Monkou
," she begged. She didn't want to wait anymore for him to satisfy her sexual needs.
    "Patience, my adorable Anna." He slid the gown down over her hips and it fell to the floor pooling around her feet. The tips of his fingers walked down along her spine sending sparks of pleasure along her back before his hands lingered around her hips.
    Holding her against his body, his other hand slid around her waist and upward to her breast, cupping and stroking her nipple. She gripped his thighs behind her to stay upright and not buckle under the onslaught of his touch.
    His chin rested gently on her head. His arms closed around her a bit tighter. Their hips synchronized under the pulsing guitar rhythm and remained together swaying to their own beat as one song faded and another resumed.
    "Volume down." His voice dropped into a husky drawl.
    She didn't wait for any more commands, but spun around and pinned his face between her hands.
    Then she welcomed his kiss as his mouth descended with its demand and hunger. His possession coupled with her surrender. And a sweet savage craving erupted as his tongue staked its claim.
    Anna couldn't tell if she floated or collapsed. Her moans eased up and out of her throat as their mouths ravaged each other in a marathon dance.
    By the time his kisses slid along her cheek and teased her earlobe, she was gulping air.
    Suddenly she felt her back against a wall. He'd lifted her during her sensory overload. She wrapped her legs around his hips, crossing her ankles.
    The cool wall contrasted with Damien's warmth. His lean frame sealed against her body. She delighted in the crush of her breasts against his hardness. 
    His hands squeezed her behind. His fingers slipped inside her wet cave teasing with little flutters against her clit. She squeezed her thighs to stem the rapture he unleashed. Her patata tightened and pulsed in short bursts.
    The sweet torture swelled to the point of no return. Anna gasped. The quickened thud of her heartbeat pounded in her head. She readied herself to let go.
    "Not yet," he prompted. She didn't miss the almost faint chuckle. Clearly he enjoyed her torment.
    "Don't stop!" Her thighs clapped against his hips echoing her plea to satisfy every ounce of wanton desire.
    "As you wish." His mouth closed over her nipple and drew it in deeper, stroking it within the curl of his tongue.
    His fingers never ceased its pumping deep within her.
    Her moans mixed and mingled with his grunts until she soared among the clouds and somersaulted into exquisite surrender. Her loud cry of release erupted, escaped out of the open balcony doors, and soared through the late night air.
    Without giving a moment to catch her breath, he took her to the bed and set her down.
    She scooted further up the bed and nestled among the pillows. Her chest rose and fell, hard and fast.
     Without warning, she was pulled back to the edge of the bed. Damien's hands encircled her ankles. His smile deep, dark and wicked.
    "I thought you had a weak heart?" Anna licked her lips. She had to admit to worrying about her heart and surviving Damien.
    "They said building my stamina was a good thing." He reached for a bottle of champagne nestled in an ice bucket next to the bed and popped the top. "Open wide."
    She leaned back on her elbows and offered her mouth.
    With expert precision, he poured a thin stream into her mouth and waited for her to swallow. The cool crisp drink felt like the magic elixir. She opened her mouth for more.
    Once she was satisfied, he drank directly from the bottle. Some of the champagne escaped along the side of his mouth dripping along his chin and down his body landing on her abdomen. She sat up and licked the liquid off his skin.
    He jerked and more champagne spilled on his body.
    Anna laughed that it was her turn to elicit a bit of revenge. Getting comfortable, she licked the champagne trail over the ripples of his abs to the point of his arousal. Thick, hard and glistening with champagne, his

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