To Charm A Billionaire (Men of Monaco Book 1)

To Charm A Billionaire (Men of Monaco Book 1) by Michelle Monkou Read Free Book Online

Book: To Charm A Billionaire (Men of Monaco Book 1) by Michelle Monkou Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Monkou
    "Because I've realized that I'm living life all wrong. You've been right all along. I want in."
    "I want to live ... and fuck ... like there's no tomorrow. Teach me." Her green eyes with amber flecks swallowed him in its power.
    " Merde !" Damien gulped his wine and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His thoughts spun like a dice bouncing along the wheel on a roulette table. Finally, one thought settled and stayed put. " Merde ," he reiterated. "Let's go fuck."

    A nna screamed. A piercing staccato shout.
    With no forewarning, Damien had picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. He walked without adjusting his stride for her added weight. His steadying hand cupped her behind while she bounced to his rhythm up the stairs and along the hallway.
    She didn't have to ask where they headed. She didn't care. However, if he didn't put her down within a few seconds, she wouldn't be able to resist ripping off his clothes.
    She heard Damien turn a doorknob. Bright lighting flooded the room before she crossed through the doorway. Her limited view noted the crisp white walls with its abundance of windows. They moved farther into the sitting room as Damien's steps clipped along the wood floor.
    He didn't pause or slow his entry into the bedroom with its pewter gray furniture. An array of black decorative pieces accented the overall interior design. They passed a floor-to-ceiling mirror through which she spied an oversized bed covered in black linens.
    Destination reached. He gently lowered her to the bed. As soon as her back made contact, she resisted the urge to roll herself in the bed linens and seal herself in his scent. 
    "Caveman, you're full of surprises." She closed her eyes until the blood rush lessened and the world stopped its uneven rotation.
    "Open your eyes for me." His lips brushed softly against hers like a bribe for good behavior.
    "And if I don't obey?" she asked, offering up a slow smile, but pressing her eyes tighter shut.
    His breath hovered above her face. The bed adjusted as he shifted. Teasing kisses softly landed on her mouth. She welcomed the surprise with a grin. In response, her lips were bathed by his tongue before his mouth closed over hers for a big sloppy kiss.
    Anna opened her eyes. God help her . Damien's vivid blue eyes pierced any defenses she'd erected and planned to shore up. So easily taken down by his raw sensuality, she wouldn't stand a chance in this room with him. And the reality didn't stir any regret. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck to extend the delicious pleasure, but he wriggled out of reach.
    "Noooo," she wailed. Her dismay earned his chuckle and a slow wink that melted her insides.
    He stood over her before using a knee to gently part her legs. An erratic giggle needed to burst free from her as she watched his deliberation over her prone body.
    What to think? Please, don't stop .
    What to feel? She wanted him .
    What to do? Take his hand. Show him .
    Under her manipulation, his finger traced a center line on her dress. From the second that Damien touched the bare skin at her neck, Anna's giggle turned into a hearty moan. Her hand slipped away from his and her fingers curled onto the duvet. She tried to hold on the thin thread of control. The effort barely stood a chance as he left a heated trail through the valley between her breasts.
    He stopped.
    She hoped for only a pause
    "Still with me?" His question ended with a mischievous grin that coaxed a frantic nod from her.
    His finger continued downward tracing circles around her belly button. Exquisite torture. His touch continued past her dress's hemline onto the bare skin of her thigh.
    Her breath hissed its escape.
    Skin-to-skin contact added fuel to the passionate heat bubbling in her core.
    The caresses along her thigh didn't stop. His thumb swept back and forth like a windshield wiper set on low. Oxygen flooded her lungs as she sucked in long and hard. Her exhaling breath

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