To Hell and Back
slim frame, but I know exactly what’s under there.  I’ve thought so much, probably too much, about her full breasts and flat stomach and the shape of her perfect ass, and… Dammit. I’ve held her once, kissed her once, and already she has this hold on me. It’s like some part of me has known her forever. I feel so protective of this perfect, troubled girl.
    She hasn’t noticed me yet and I just stand here, not ready to break the spell that her appearance has cast over me. I know there is a very good chance she won’t be happy to see me and I’d like to enjoy these last few moments of anticipation before reality sets in.
    I know the instant she sees me, shock wiping away the smile from her face.  Surprise is easier to work with than anger, so I decide to make my move before she can get that far. 
    “Brielle, I know you said you didn’t want to see me, but you’re all I’ve thought about.  You said what you had to say and I want to at least try to get you to hear me out before you give up on us for good.”
    “Carson, you don’t understand. Our worlds are too different…”
    “But I don’t want a world that doesn’t include you. I want to…”
    I hear another “Hmm” from Edith and decide this is definitely not the best place to have this conversation. “Can we go somewhere and talk?”
    “We really shouldn’t. Hank is asleep, but if he wakes up and I’m gone too long, it’s… Well, that’s just not a good idea.”
    “I’ll tell you what. We can talk in my car. I’ll warm it up and we can just sit in the parking lot and talk. I won’t keep you very long. Then I’ll drive you down the block and drop you off out of sight of your house. Please, Brielle.”
    “You have fifteen minutes.”
    I walk her out to the car and open the door for her. I’ve been inside Miller’s for so long that it’s as cold inside the car as it is outside. That is to say, it’s freezing.  I start the engine and turn the seats on high.  I take her hands in mine and rub them.  She starts to pull them away, but I hold tight.  “Brie, I’m just trying to keep you warm.  You’re safe out here with me, I promise.  I would never hurt you.  I’m falling for you harder than I would have thought possible and I can’t stand the thought of not getting at least a chance to have you in my life.”
    Knowing I only have a few minutes to convince this amazing woman not to cut me out completely, all my feelings come out in a rush. “I want us to figure this out. I know we haven’t known each other long, we haven’t been together for very many hours, but I also know how I’m already feeling about you. And, until you said all those things on your front porch, I thought you were feeling the same way about me.”
    She starts to open her mouth and I can just tell it isn’t good.  “Wait, please.  Let me tell you what I think.  I think you’re scared.  I think you live a life of fear and misery and that you expect something bad to happen in every situation.  I think you find it hard, if not impossible, to trust anyone, and that you haven’t known a lot of real love.  I also think you’re inexperienced in relationships and that the kiss we shared, as amazing as it was, scared the hell out of you.  Go ahead and stop me when I say something that isn’t true, Brie, because if I’m way off base here, I want to know. But, if I’m right, and it’s fear that’s stopping you from exploring this, whatever this turns out to be, then let me help you.  Let me be here for you.  I am not all Hollywood and show and money.  I know that you already know that, but I want you to hear me say it.  Your walls are built incredibly high around you, Brie, but I want in.  I will do whatever it takes for you to let me in.  I just need you to give me the chance.”
    “Carson, we both know you’re not wrong.  But you can’t possibly understand my life.  My options are limited.  If I don’t get scholarships, go to college

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