Tombstone by Candace Smith Read Free Book Online

Book: Tombstone by Candace Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Candace Smith
Tags: Erótica
positioning would torture her.   She would be a masterpiece.
    Claudine’s fingers began to tremble again, and they slipped off the tab for the zipper twice before she was able to grab it.   Her hands were still a little numb from being bound for so long.   She let the wet garment drop off her shoulders, and the weight of the soggy material dragged it off her hips and onto the floor.   Claudine stared at the stones in the wall while she unhooked her bra.   She wanted to take the foam ball out of her mouth, but she was too frightened to let her hands go near it.
    The black heels had not made it into the coffin with her, and Claudine was grateful she had not been left with her feet encased in the pinching leather… even though it meant losing the possible weapon.   She pulled her ripped thigh high nylons off her legs and slid her fingers under the strap of her thong.   When she was naked, she turned slowly to face the man, trying to look seductive in her pathetic state.
    He observed her from a few feet away, studying her body with consideration instead of the desire she was used to eliciting.   Claudine watched his eyes narrow and felt her panic rising.   She tilted her head up until she found the showerhead and dragged the chain over to it.
    Tombstone pushed a chrome button set into the stone, and cold spray jetted down on the woman.   Claudine bit down on the gag and covered her breasts when the freezing water hit them.   It felt like needles piercing her skin.
    “Put your arms down and spread your legs,” he ordered.
    Claudine began to quietly cry and she lowered her arms, forcing herself to stand still.   At first, she wondered if the pervert was going to bathe her, but he seemed content standing against the wall and watching the frigid water cascade over her hair and down her body, causing her nipples to pebble and tighten.   He turned off the deluge and left her dripping while he walked to the kitchen.
    He returned a few minutes later with a large ceramic bowl filled with oatmeal.   It looked pasty, with no milk or sugar, but her stomach rumbled when she saw it.   He placed it on the floor by the coffin and walked over to her.   “If you make a sound, the gag goes back in and I put you back in the coffin.   Keep your palms on the floor next to the bowl.”
    Claudine shivered, both from the cold shower and his words.   She nodded in understanding.   His hands reached behind her head and loosened a buckle.   When he pulled the foam free, she forced herself not to sob with the relief of being able to close her aching jaws.   She also caught herself as she prepared to automatically thank him.
    “Go eat.   You have five minutes to finish it.”
    Claudine walked as quickly as she could, dragging the chain.   She knelt in front of the bowl and placed her hands as he ordered, scooping the sticky bland cereal into her mouth with her tongue.   After a few mouthfuls, she had begun silently crying again.   He was treating her like an animal and forcing her to eat like a dog.   She had never experienced such brutality, and she finally raised her head and looked at him with tearing eyes.   “Why are you doing this to me?” she sobbed.
    Claudine cringed back, crashing into a sawhorse leg when the man stormed over to her.   He gripped her hair and dragged her back to the bowl, plunging her face into the moist oatmeal.   “I told you not to make a fucking sound and to eat, you fucking whore.”
    Claudine felt the cereal slithering up her nostrils and she had just barely managed to close her eyes.   Her lungs began to burn and she was screaming into the bowl.   Pushing up was useless and she reached around, clawing for the hand gripping her hair.   Suddenly, she was jerked to a scrambling stand, and the pasty mess clung to her eyelashes and dripped off her chin.   She blew through her nose to clear it, and while she concentrated on that and catching her breath, the man pressed the foam gag against

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