Touchdown Baby

Touchdown Baby by Rose Harris Read Free Book Online

Book: Touchdown Baby by Rose Harris Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rose Harris
would be relieved to know he didn’t sneer at the children. When he answered their questions, she couldn’t help but listen in.
    It was obvious the question had taken Jace by surprise, but he replied casually. “First, it’s an amazing feeling knowing millions of people want to watch you play a game you love and have trained for years to be the best at. Second, you don’t really notice the impact of the sack because your adrenaline is running so high, unless of course they really hurt you.” Jace kind of laughed at the astonishment on the boy’s face when he said it didn’t really hurt. “And the answer to your question is, No. That is not my child. I don’t have any kids. The news people just don’t have all of the information yet.” After giving the boys a few more minutes and some pointers on how to throw a perfect spiral, Jace told them he had to go talk to the pretty lady.
    Jace walked up to Ava slowly, almost as if he was afraid of what she may say. She knew he was studying her, looking for signs of her reaction to the question that was just asked. She could tell he couldn’t decipher her mood. She knew she didn’t hate him, but it was hard to give him a smile or hug after the news she had endured that morning.
    “So this must be your daughter. I was right. She is just as pretty as her mommy.” Jace looked across the field at the little girl who wobbled as she ran. “What’s her name?” Jace asked.
    “Ashlyn.” Bracing herself as if she were about to throw a punch, Ava said, “I heard about why you came home, but why did you come to our house and not to your parents?”
    Ava watched the shock of her declaration cross his face. The pain, disappointment and embarrassment brought out the creases around his eyes. Jace dropped eye contact.
    Ava took this moment to watch Jace study Ashlyn as she held a small bottle in one hand and the wand in the other attempting to make bubbles. Watching her purse her lips together was both comical and angelic, and her innocence seemed to bring a moment of healing from the torture she caused. The existence of this child was Ava’s reality check.
    Ava sent up a silent prayer Jace would not ask for her help. How could she help him with the problems he was facing when she should sympathize with the alleged mother? Jace ran his hand over his face, before he made eye contact. “What exactly do you know?”
    “Well, I heard what that kid just asked you and your reply. I also know you are being accused of fathering a little boy in Henderson County.” Ava wanted to take back the harsh tone as soon as she saw his face. He was obviously having a hard time dealing with the thought of being a father. “I heard it from my parents this morning. Apparently someone called your parents’ house last night looking for you. When your mom told them you were not there, they started asking her what she thought of being a grandma. Once the person explained you may be a father, your mom was so shocked she hung up.” Ava would have sworn Jace turned a little green when she told him his parents knew.
    “Ah shit, my mom is probably so pissed at me. I cut my cell phone off yesterday afternoon so I could have time to think.” Jace turned away from Ava and looked over the field. When he turned back toward her, Ava saw in his eyes everything she needed to know at that moment. Jace was scared and alone. Walking over to him, she instinctively put her arms around his waist.
    As soon as he felt her arms wrap around him, Jace felt a sense of peace that had been missing from his life. Resting his cheek on the top of her head, Jace said, “I figured I would at least have until Monday before the news spread. I just needed some time to think.”
    Leaning back slightly, Jace looked down into Ava’s mossy green eyes and knew if he could ever trust anyone, it would be Ava. She had always understood his love of football and only football.
    She was one of the few people who had always known John was

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