Toxic Secrets

Toxic Secrets by Jill Patten Read Free Book Online

Book: Toxic Secrets by Jill Patten Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jill Patten
Tags: High School
in public in a long time.” She was hopping around like a giddy little five-year-old.
    I was happy to see her ill feelings toward me had subsided.
    I tossed a glance over my shoulder to the vacant spot where I was pulled from and saw Jaxon and Reed standing with legs apart and arms folded across their chest. The sly grins spreading across their faces screamed the carnal thoughts reverberating in their minds. I was not one to tease, but I wanted to give them a performance that would have them shifting uncomfortably in their pants. I just hoped Jaxon’s sexual innuendo earlier didn’t backfire on me and bite me in the tail later.
    As we got into the third line of the song, I leaned over to Kendra and told her to play it up. She gave me a quizzical look, so I came up behind her and grabbed her hips grinding against her very provocatively. I was being more touchy-feely than usual, and Kendra seemed to catch the drift on where I was heading.
    Following my lead, she swung around and came up behind me repeating the same movements. I snuck a quick peek over at Jaxon, trying to gauge his reaction when his eyes locked with mine. He was no longer in his bodyguard stance. His expression looked antsy and hungry with lust. I slacked off from Kendra, fearing the feral animal watching me might attack any moment.
    “What’s wrong?” Kendra asked.
    “Don’t look now, but Jaxon is watching me as if he could devour me with his tongue.” He was unconsciously licking his lips. He was the lion, I was the gazelle.
    Kendra nonchalantly looked over their way and blew a kiss to Reed.
    “You’re right. He is watching you as if no one else is in this room exists. Damn, girl, that’s hot!”
    I rolled my eyes at her. “I told him earlier I wasn’t looking to hook-up.”
    “Why did you do that?” Kendra huffed.
    “Duh! Because I’m not. Do you ever listen to anything I say?” I breathed out.
    “Oh, good gosh, Courtney, hooking up doesn’t mean you have to have sex with him. A little kissing never hurt anybody,” she sneered.
    “Kissing never hurt me,” Reed said, grabbing Kendra around the waist then gnawing on her neck.
    Oh God! How long had he been standing there and how much had he heard?
    I gave Kendra the ‘oh shit’ look. I was so wrapped up in our conversation, I didn’t notice when the song ended. Looking at Kendra’s surprised expression, neither had she.
    Cripes! Please don’t let Jaxon be standing behind me.
    I was afraid to turn around.
    “You girls going to dance with us, or stand here and talk all night?” I heard Jaxon say over my shoulder. “After that show you two just performed…” he blew out a whistle, “I’ll be honest, I’m in no mood for talking,” he said, shaking his head.
    I didn’t know what mortified me more—him possibly hearing my last piece of conversation with Kendra or the fact I just aroused a famished beast with an appetite for sex. Before I was given the chance to answer, Jaxon moved up behind me, wrapped his arm around my waist and placed his hand across my stomach grinding to ‘Pop, Lock and Drop It.’ I stiffened instantly before letting the music and swaying of Jaxon’s hips lull me. We started grinding together, matching each other’s moves. I rested my hand on top of his hand splayed across my abdomen, feeling intense electricity surge through me. Beads of sweat formed between my shoulders from the heat permeating off his body. Instantaneously, the music bled right into ‘Down on Me’ by 50 Cent. He apparently liked the way my booty was grinding against him as he grabbed my hips, pulling me into him firmly. I could feel his hot, heavy breathing down my neck, and the smell of mint on his breath was intoxicating. I closed my eyes, relishing in the moment. This felt good.
    The sound of Kendra’s laughter sprang my eyes open, releasing me down from the clouds. I welcomed her interruption, feeling shameful for my actions. This behavior was so much out of character that I

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