Triple Dare

Triple Dare by Lexxie Couper Read Free Book Online

Book: Triple Dare by Lexxie Couper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lexxie Couper
Tags: Book - Erotica Series
dusky pink, round and pebbled and just waiting to be sucked. By him. He lowered his head, taking the puckered tip in his mouth.

    “Oh, yes,” Anna moaned again, louder this time, her hands finding their way to Joseph’s hair. She tangled her fingers in the cool strands, holding him hard to her breast.
    Pleasure threaded through her. Twin ribbons of exquisite pleasure. One unfurling from between her legs where Rob’s tongue darted in and out of her sex and rolled over and over her clit, the other from her breasts, where Joseph’s lips and tongue fondled her nipple, circling it in gentle laps and nipping it in playful bites.
    Two ribbons flowing through her body to meet in the very center of her core. They threaded and twisted and knotted together until each ribbon became indefinable, indistinguishable.
    “Oh, fuck.” The expletive fell from her lips in a ragged whisper. She rarely used such language, not because it offended her sensibilities, but because she’d never felt a need. But what the two Australians were doing to her now, the absolute…ecstasy they wrought on her body…
    “Oh, fuck me.”
    She arched her back, knotting her fingers in Joseph’s hair and shoving her pussy harder to Rob’s tongue. The man between her legs chuckled, sending wicked vibrations into her sex. She fisted her hands harder in Joseph’s hair as the thrumming in her center mounted quickly.
    Joseph’s tongue flicked at her nipple and she whimpered, the sensations from such a simple caress almost undoing her. God, what would she do when he actually sucked her nipple? What would she do when he stopped teasing her and truly began to—
    Joseph sucked on her nipple. Hard.
    “Oh, oh, fuck!”
    She cried out, her breast swelling with indescribable warmth.
    Joseph suckled on her breast, his right hand cupping it towards his mouth, his left hand kneading the other. He pinched her nipple, rolling it between his finger tips, his actions echoing those of his mouth.
    As if he knew exactly the rhythm his friend set, Rob lapped at her pussy and clit the same way, delving into her folds only to withdraw and lick at her inner thighs.
    She rolled her head, holding Joseph to her breast even as she wished them both to stop. She couldn’t take this much pleasure. She couldn’t. Her body wasn’t made for this. Made to be consumed, worshiped, reveled and—
    Before the delirious thought could finish, Rob’s fingers curled over her hips as he lifted them a little higher and stroked his tongue over the tight hole of her anus.
    “Oh, oh!” She bucked, concentrated, forbidden rapture spearing into her.
    Joseph lifted his head and smiled down at her through heavily lidded eyes. She almost expected him to say something—anything that would save her from being taken away by the onslaught of sensations his friend’s tongue was creating, but he didn’t. Instead, he took her mouth with his in a crushing kiss before returning his attention to her breast, the left one this time. He closed his lips over its pebbled nipple and bit at it. Shards of delicious pain detonated in her chest, blossoms of constricting pleasure in her pussy.
    “Oh, God,” she moaned, her breath so shallow, so rapid her head swam, “please, I can’t…”
    She couldn’t finish. Not when Joseph suckled so greedily on her breast. Not when Rob lapped so hungrily at her ass.
    She thrust her hips higher, the ribbons of pleasure knotting in her center. Growing tight. Impossible to unravel. Her orgasm was coming. She couldn’t stop it. And still, the two men sucked and licked and bit.
    Rob’s fingers dug harder into her hips, his tongue not just lapping at her anus, but pushing on it. Pressing at its opening. She bucked, the unexpected shockwaves of sensations stealing her breath.
    And scaring her.
    She’d never been touched there. Not by finger, tongue or cock.
    “No,” she panted, shaking her head. Rob paused, his fingers relaxing—a little—on her hips, the tip of his tongue

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