Trouble in a Stetson

Trouble in a Stetson by Regina Carlysle Read Free Book Online

Book: Trouble in a Stetson by Regina Carlysle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Regina Carlysle
Tags: General Fiction
hard, nearly to his belly. The thick stalk captured her gaze and her mouth went instantly dry as she imagined taking him deep into her mouth. He exuded strength, passion and control and wouldn’t it be nice to strip some of that from him until he fell apart under the lash of her tongue?
    Sam plucked the condom from the table, keeping his eyes focused firmly on her, as he tore the package open with his teeth. He gripped his cock at the base, fisting his hand around it, moving it up and then down again in a seductive move that had her pussy creaming. Memories of the best pleasure she’d ever known ripped through her system and Lola’s heartbeat speeded up in response. Anticipation had her bare toes curling against the floor.
    Finally Sam sprawled in the kitchen chair, his legs spread invitingly as he continued to work his cock steadily.
    “Come here, darlin’.”
    Regina Carlysle
    Drawing a breath, she stood slowly and stepped tentatively between Sam’s spread legs. His eyes, dark with intensity roamed up then down her body, lingering on her beaded, puckered nipples. Sam snagged the hem of her tee shirt then drew it up over her belly. Lola’s breath caught and held and before she could blink Sam’s lips were on her, settling hotly on the flesh he’d exposed.
    “There’s not a thing wrong with you, Lola. You’re beautiful. Those people in Vegas are dumbasses for firing you.”
    The comment came from left field, catching her off balance. Warmth curled through her as she pushed her fingers into his thick hair to hold him close. His kisses fell softly on her belly as he nipped her flesh and teased with his tongue. How would she ever leave this man? Shoving the pitiful, bittersweet thought aside, she absorbed the way he touched her, the way he made her feel.
    “Oh, Sam.”
    “Not enough,” he said. Sam drew back and lifted her tee higher until it settled over her bare breasts, framing them in soft white cotton. His eyes focused on the tightly drawn nipples. “Give ’em to me.”
    Lola caught her breath then lifted her right breast.
    “Closer. Yeah, like that.” Sam’s mouth latched onto her nipple and a low whimper tore through her lips. Sucking hard, then softly, he licked the spot then used the edges of his teeth on her. It was a tender bit of rough against her breast. Lola’s breath stilled then gasped out again when he moved to the other breast. “You’re delicious,” he murmured around her throbbing nipple.
    His hands went to the waist of her shorts and he pushed them down along with her panties until they settled around her ankles. Impatiently, needing his fingers on her pussy, she kicked the bits of fabric away. When Sam sent one fingertip over the crease of her cunt, she dropped her head back, sighing at the sensation but then he ratcheted things up a notch. Parting her labia, he circled, then pressed her clit with his thumb.
    Trouble in a Stetson
    Lola trembled and shook, forcing herself to look at Sam. His eyes were focused on her weeping pussy as he manipulated her flesh.
    “Sam,” she whispered. “Please.”
    “Yeah. Ride me, Lola. I can’t wait.”
    Lola didn’t need a second invitation. Plucking the condom from his hand, she slowly rolled it over the fat head of his cock and kept going until he was covered. He was so thick, so long. Unable to resist, she fisted her hand around his erection. Oh yeah, he was more than ready for her. Sam’s jaw clenched and unclenched rhythmically as he watched her hand glide over him and she knew he was as ready as she was.
    Stepping back a bit, she straddled his thighs. When she was as close as she could possibly be, Sam’s body heat reached out to her and her body tingled in anticipation.
    Grabbing his shoulders for balance, she looked down between their bodies. Sam took his cock in his hand and Lola lowered herself until that thick head was settled at the entrance to her pussy. Swiveling her body, feeling herself open fully to him, she finally

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